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How depressing is it to get all dolled up only to have friends bail before going out?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) June 20th, 2009

Does this happen to you or are my friends just losers? I bypass plans to go with other people in order to go out with others and then they bail, mainly because they had no booze! You get all pumped and ready to go only to be driving home. I got invited to go to a party, but how much fun is it if you only know one person? What a waste of makeup and a cute outfit.

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yeah, i know. this just happened to me awhile ago.

i was supposed to go to this show i was really looking forward to, and i bought my ticket and everything. then the one friend who never bails realized she wasn’t going to be in town (no biggie, not her fault), and my other friend who i was counting on to go with me (she told me that she was for sure, definitely going, etc, etc) tells me the night before she’s not going. normally i have no problem with going to shows by myself, but this show i really didn’t want to go to alone. i didn’t go, and no one would even buy my ticket. eh sometimes friends suck.

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I hate flaking. It’s something that really bothers me. Luckily, it doesn’t happen too often with my friends, but it’s something that I hope to avoid. I don’t think I’ve ever done it. At least, I don’t think I’ve ever done it without it having been a real valid excuse. Still can’t think of a time when I flaked out on something, though.

I have a friend who’s kind of known for being a flake. I just expect that when I arrange things with her.

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Yeah, that bites! Wait, where are you? I’m not doing anything tonight…

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Ha ha, thanks loser (awww, I doubt it)! But I doubt you’re in south Alabama! Besides I’ve already gotten comfy in pj’s. Screw boring friends, I’ve got the internet, it won’t let me down!

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Yeah, California is quite a ways away!!! Well, at least with the internet you can have fun and pj’s at the same time!

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My friend Bryan did this to me all the time. I lived four damn blocks away.

I would call and he would say, “Come over, I’m not going anywhere.” Five minutes later I would be at his house and his mom would inform me that he just left.

He was always stoned. I think that is the worst thing weed has ever done.

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Yup sometimes I end up going to the mall with my sister ugh and she’s 10 and doesn’t like the stores I go to because there’s “loud” music and she always wants to go home early.

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The few times that has happened to me I go do something on my own anyway. I did learn who I could and couldn’t count on with friends and plans. I don’t plan things with folks who can’t make and/or keep plans. Some people are more of the “wing it” type of people. That’s ok with me, too. I just don’t count on definite plans with them.

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