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When is APA used rather than MLA?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) June 20th, 2009

Which is standard in each field of study/discipline?
Which one do you use?
Which is better?
Which one is more practical?
Which one is more useful?
Which one is more common?

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Neither is better or more practicle, really. APA is much more common for works that will be published, but it is actually based on your discipline of study / research.

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I’ve only had to use APA for Psychology related courses. My mother is in college right now, and it taking an English course, and it has to be in all APA. The professor will tell you what is required of you.

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APA is used for psych, sociology, history, education, theology, etc, but it is also used for economics, business, physics, and many other areas of scholarly research.

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APA iis used in the social sciences: MLA is used in the humantities. Both are used for works that will be published and academic work; the difference in usage is according to the discipline.

Neither is better; one only seems easier if that’s the one you’re more used to. A style manual or citation generating program will guide you in the use of either.

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My mom (psych major) used only APA in college and when my parents wrote stuff in med school, it was also in APA.

I am used to MLA but I don’t mind APA. I use easybib website for everything :)

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I’m in the college of education at my school and they use APA, all the other colleges seem to use MLA.

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APA is for the American Psychology Association. In most cases, MLA is used. I wouldn’t say either one is better, as once you learn one, it’s easy to switch to another. MLA is definately more common. & Again as far as usefulness, neither differ.

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