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Any articles or essays, preferably by food critics or chefs, that discuss restaraunts like Applebese's and TGI Friday as being signifincantly worse than other restaurants?

Asked by bookpillow (5points) June 21st, 2009

Not asking for the opinions of other Flutherers. Just want to know if anyone has read anything about why Applebee’s (and all of the other chain restaurants like it) sucks.

Once again. Not asking for your opinion. I’m asking for articles.

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Are you really looking for information on franchise restaurant commissary quality vs. independent kitchens?

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@PandoraBoxx: Yes.

@Judi: No. Just to be able to elaborate on my own opinions on the matter (or perhaps have them proven wrong).

@Lightlyseared: Awesome article. Thank you for actually helping (a rarity around here)

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Thank you for actually helping (a rarity around here)

Not the way to get help. May want to re-think your methods.

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I think your sample size for what constitutes ‘a rarity around here’ is a wee bit too small. The answers to one question out of the thousands upon thousands on the site aren’t really representative. No one was trying to insult you.

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The problem is your question asks for something that is easy googleable and not for opinion. What fluther is good at (very good at, in fact) is opinion.

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I agree. I don’t see how someone can say “a rarity around here” when they obviously just arrived here and have no idea what is common or rare.

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