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Where can I find a searchable UN Resolutions archive?

Asked by skorned (97points) June 21st, 2009

Hey…Is there any place I can easily search Past UN resolutions for a specific topic and filter by committee or year and stuff? The UN site itself is horribly organised, and I couldn’t find a search box anywhere, just links. It is organised by year, but makes searching for resolutions on a specific topic by keyword close to impossible. Unless I’m missing something.
can someone please help?

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This may be somewhat helpful.

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hey thanks marina….this is the second time you’re coming to my help today…ur awwsum :)

anyhow, i also found that site earlier, and used it, but I was also interested in other bodies besides the security council, especially the Human Rights Council (HRC), but apparently the UN doesn’t deem it important to have nice searchable archives of any other committee, considering they’re non-binding and hence don’t make a difference to the world anyway…

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A way you could find out is see if you can think of such a resolution, check if there’s a Wikipedia article on it, and see whether they link to it under “External links” or “References”.

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hmm…good idea vincentt..but i’m looking for any resos on human rights violations in China, and theres a separate topic dedicated to that on wikipedia, but i dont remember seeing any un links in the references…but i’ll give it another try…

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