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What do you love about being a Dad? And, What's your "Dad" name?

Asked by cookieman (40301points) June 21st, 2009

for Father’s Day

• Tell us your favorite things about being a father.
• What do your children call you (Dad, Pop, Papi, etc.), and do you like that name?

And, most importantly, Happy Father’s Day to all the Fluther Fathers!

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I know I’m not supposed to take the first answer slot if I don’t have an actual answer to the question (I’m not a dad) but this is probably my best shot at wishing every dad here on Fluther a very special and memorable Happy Father’s Day.

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I don’t have a “favorite thing”. I love everything about it! Always did. And my daughter calls me “Dad” most of the time. But when she gets exasperated with me she’ll call me “Michael”.

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It’s always Daddy and it melts
me everytime. What I love? Absolutely everything! There isn’t a single part of being a Daddy to my 3 angels I don’t love.

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My daughter speaks four languages and she has a different name for me in each of them. For some reason I find “tata” cuter than the rest. I think just hearing her voice (something I have not done in over 6 months) is enough. I expect to see her soon, and I am pretty sure I’ll be shocked at how much she’s grown. I also expect a very long and difficult healing process ahead of us, but once I have her in my arms, everything else will work out fine. And I think she knows that too.

I hope to celebrate Father’s Day anyday now.

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I always called my father “Dad”.
My daughter calls me “Papa”.
My son doesn’t actually call me a name.
My step-daughter calls me by my first name.
I am happy with all of that.

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I’m only a Dad to my pets, and they only speak to me in animal-speak. So it would be “Bark” and “Hiss”.

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I hope it all goes so well for you when you’re together again. I’ve had a similar experience and other than the
growth change you’ll see, she will be the same little girl. The bond you have is lifelong and will be there within seconds. Good luck!

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@Bluefreedom: That’s OK. I’m sure the well-wishes is appreciated.
@SirBailey: “Michael” – That’s very funny.
@Bobbydavid: Aww.
@Jack79: I can’t believe this is still going on. I really hope you get to see her soon.
@filmfann: How old is your son who calls you nothing?
@evelyns_pet_zebra: Did they make you a card?

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@cprevite My son is 22. I don’t think he has called me dad in 10 years, but he and I have a good relationship.

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I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the Fluther dads a Happy Father’s Day! :)

Hope @Blondesjon sees this: You are a great father to our children and I am blessed to have you in my life.

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Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s! Whatever that word, dad, means to your family.

Now I’m off to get ready for our family’s Father’s Day celebration.

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Dad has always been dad apart from when I was very little and it was daddy. I love my dads cuddles I always feel so safe and secure when I get one! I turned 31 on Friday and still love having them xx HAPPY FATHERS DAY everyone xxx

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@cprevite they don’t make anything, except messes and noises. The dog did cuddle with me in bed, so I guess that counts. But then, she’s a cuddle bug, she loves to cuddle. Well let me rephrase that. They do make something; they make me happy.

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Happy Father’s Day, Fluther Dads! I hope you had a wonderful day. :)

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I love watching my kids. Just watching them be what they are. And they call me Daddy.

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To answer my own question:

I truly love and am humbled by the part I am allowed to play in developing this little human being. Whoever she becomes, whatever she decides to do with her life, some small part of her “foundation” is from me.

I am awed by that responsibilty and blessed to be able to see her grow.

Also, she calls me Bah which is a variation on the Chinese word for father.

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