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What will you do this New Year's Eve?

Asked by robhaya (999points) December 31st, 2007

Will you go out to ring in the new year or stay in? I’ll be staying in and having a nice dinner with my wife to ring in the new year.

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we (wife and I) usually have a nice dinner out somewhere and stay away from the big parties at clubs/bars. I doubt I’ll stay awake long enough to see the ball drop on TV this year…it’s still gonna be 2008 if I sleep through it. although, my friends in the eastern timezone will probably call at 11pm cst to wake me up.

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I am going to party at my friends place in Manhattan, NY—also my friend from Florida wants to see the ball drop , so we might just go there unless they lock down the city too early

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My wife and I are going to recreate a bunch of the veggie tapas we tried in Spain last month and toast the new year with some Cava. Also, we’ll have the SciFi channel Twilight Zone marathon on the television the whole evening. Probably not too different than what our 80-year-old neighbors are planning. Maybe we should just go over to their house—Avrum does make some mean latkes.

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Well I was planning on spending the evening having a nice dinner at my cousin’s house, but ended up stuck in an airport in Cincinnati :(

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My wife and I plan on staying home and safe.

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