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Is one week too long to stay in Williamsburg, Virginia?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 21st, 2009

Is there enough other stuff to keep you busy for a week? What? Thrill rides are out of the question.

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Will you have a car? The surrounding area is quite lovely, and there are lots of day trips that you could take.

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There are some pretty nice shopping areas out there. I suppose you can go to the water park if you don’t like rides.

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I’ll have a car.

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I think you can find more than enough to do without the amusement park and beyond Colonial Williamsburg itself.

A visit to Jamestown is totally worth it. If you are a real lover of historic sites take time to visit some of the many other plantations and historic houses in the area and include a trip to Yorktown. Or should you be inclined toward the water (as I am), try one of the tall ship cruises or sailing trips.

Shopping on your list? Make a stop at Yankee Candle Company, MJF Silversmith, and a host of galleries.

Are you an outdoors buff? There is a wonderful biking opportunity (or driving) in the 23-mile Colonial Parkway, lots of biking and hiking trails, kayaking to Jamestown Island, lakes, beaches, fishing. You name it.

Virginia is a gorgeous state. Have fun!

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How about “eats”? Good eats???

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That is a bit broad. What do you like? Is price an object?

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Price is no object if the food is worth it. Seafood is good, or a dessert place. ANY food.

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@SirBailey Virginia’s in the South. There is no bad food in the South, unless you stick to franchises.

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Buon Amici (Italian) Formal dining room and more casual pizza.

Shields Tavern offers history with the food, which is good.

Seafood is must in Williamsburg if you like it. Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant is well-known for their seafood buffet.

I am a major BBQ fan. Some of the best in Virginia is found at Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que.

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For eats go to “Food For Thought” in Williamsburg or the Gabriel Archer Tavern at the Williamsburg Winery. Also spend a day doing Colonial Williamsburg. You can either do the price or just walk through the streets. If you have a car you could also go to Busch Gardens (if you like rides) or drive on over to Jamestown.

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