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How much can pre-grad part-time job experience help my propects as a BS grad?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) June 21st, 2009

I plan on working as a software engineer when I graduate with my BS and then hopefully a Masters. I have a year or two to go, and I work now on the Geek Squad at Best Buy, but I hate it there. They never give me any hours and the management make me want to kill myself. My other job is working at an after school tutoring program with little kids, and I love that. The hours are steady, pay is good (better than best buy), and my boss is awesome.

I’m wondering if having worked in “IT” (if you can call what the geek squad does IT) for a while will be at all reputable when trying to get into my real career, since it’s nothing like what I’ll be doing at said later job, or if it would be worth my short-term happiness to quit and take on more time with the job I enjoy.

(Also, I’m in a sort of minor management position at the tutoring program, just, you know.) Thanks!

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