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I am looking to take back YTMND...who's with me?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) June 21st, 2009

Remember that site from long ago called YTMND? Remember all of the great fads (Gay fuel, brian peppers, myspace emo, picard) and the music that went along with it? Well a couple years ago the site became too popular and it died. Well there is so little activity on the site at this point I figure now would be a good time to try to put it back to its former glory. If you are willing to help, sign up, and just start making sites. Try to do the classic type ones with gifs, sound and text. Thanks. Even if you do not like making sites, just start rating others. I just want some activity to start.

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I’m pretty terrible at making my own YTMND’s, but I love watching what others make. I still visit the site every once and a while, so maybe I’ll attempt to make my own.

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No thanks.

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YTMND is back! Do NOT CLICK THIS LINK if you have sensitive ears.

it’s not safe for sensitive ears

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So um, yeah. I should be put in a corner for that last stunt. But take a look at this break-up letter. It’s horrible! There aren’t even 3 periods in the whole thing!

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