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Is Michael Schumacher really the Stig?

Asked by Lightlyseared (33134points) June 21st, 2009
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in one episode, they remarked that the stig’s driving line is different from the ones the formula one drivers in the show used.
they concluded that therefore the stig is not a f1 driver.

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Actually, the real driver has now been identified as a 33-year-old former Formula Three, Le Mans, GT and NASCAR racer from Bristol. Im not going to say the actual name for the sake of secrecy and spoilers, but follow this link and youll see.

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I kind of liked not knowing. I know he’s absolutely amazing though.

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Top gear would never out the stig on the show. they booted the old one when he outed himself in a book.

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No way. It was probably him driving the FXX, but not regularly. There’s no way they could get a fully fledged F1 driver who used to earn £1m per race to do their test track racing.

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Yeah, Michael Schumacher is like the richest person in the world. There’s no way he drives around Ford Fusions every week for some BBC program.

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Looks like a stunt to me.

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I will believe the BBC until it’s proved otherwise

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That article didn’t say that Schumacher was in fact the Stig. They just described what was presented on the TV show and cautioned that it might have been a stunt.

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On the show they said this is the stig

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Top Gear does not represent the journalistic integrity of BBC. I remain skeptical until further evidence is provided.

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@sean on the show they said that the stig doesn’t have hands and that one of his eyes is a testicle.

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If anyone the Stig is Martin Brundell , or Richard Hammond .

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Do you know what? The Stig is actually James May. The whole “he can’t race thing” is just a cover up.

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I don’t trust the Topgear guys i very much doubt they would ever show who the Stig was .

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i just watched the episode.
they showed schumacher in the suziki liana and he was rubbish.
clarkson then said that schumacher might not be the stig after all and that they made it up.

so there

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Its amazing what a tv crew can do. I never thought they could lie or fake anything, shouldn’t always believe what you are told they could of dressed Schumacher in the outfit , its not as if it was the only one ever made .

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How can you say you believe when he says that but when he say schumacher is the stig you say they’re making it up?

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Looks like it was a publicity stunt. I love Top Gear!

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