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Do you have any songs that make life surreal for a moment?

Asked by Clair (3832points) June 21st, 2009

I was at the gas station the other day listening to “Theme from a Summer Place” and it made a man dropping his dip can on the ground and getting into his truck (which would normally seem boring and dull in every way) seem bittersweet and like he was about to encounter something important in his life, kind of like, ‘enjoy your life now, because in about five minutes you’re going to have a reality check.
I’m sure it’s just society use of that tune but I find it so interesting that my brain works that way.
What songs do you have that work you in a strange way?

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I’m not sure. Probably. I just can’t seem to remember them here. But it’s probably more like the song depending on the time. I don’t think there’s one song out there that does that consistently. But there are definitely some that do depending on the place or time.

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“Sex in the Kitchen” by R. Kelly

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The theme from a Summer Place was playing on the TV in the other room as a read your question. How’s that for surreal?
I have heard Leonard Cohen’s Allelia (or other artist’s covers)on TV alot. It always grabs me. Brings me back to summer when I was 23.

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Some pieces that do that are Poulenc’s “Gloria” and Thompson’s “Carol of the Rose”. The “Gloria” has this odd sound unlike any other work of classical music that I know. I saw a music critic once described it as “sunlit”. It brings back memories of my grandmother’s house and puts me in a kind of trance. “Carol of the Rose” is similar. For some odd reason, it makes me think of a certain person, even though there isn’t a real connection between them and the piece. It also makes me think of Victorian manor homes in England. Again, can’t really explain why, it just does. I’d call that a bit on the surreal side…

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Transatlanticism by Death Cab
Lots of Modest Mouse
Rhapsody in Blue
The Flaming Lips
Radiohead (though I think they have that effect on even the most unenthusiastic listeners)
So much classical music

I usually get really into whatever music I’m listening to and it makes me forget where I am. It’s like each song has its own world that I go to when I hear it. I sort of swim through the world in a dream-like manner. I used to feel that way in my high school band and chorus or when I played the piano, too.

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I have had moments recently where I’ve heard songs for the first time in years, and I realize how the lyrics’ meaning has influenced me, or something came to fruition that relates to the song… really deep stuff.

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“To Be Free” by Emiliana Torrini

“Hyper-Ballad” by Bjork

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I’ve heard lyrics in songs that match words I’ve just said in conversation, or had spoken to me. I love it when surreal things happen like that, it makes it seem like the randomness of the universe has a message for me.

or it could just be Evelyn fucking around with my head again, she’s nutty like that.

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Good Morning, Hypocrite by Electric President

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No songs in particular, but what you describe at the gas station happens to me a lot.

I always have my headphones on and create little stories in my head for people I see while listening. They become characters in an open-ended story I quietly create and this is their soundtrack.

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Many many many many songs have that effect on me. It’s probably why I never get any work done.. because I have it playing in my head even with the radio off.

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Wake Up by Coheed and Cambria

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When I’m driving on the highway and an AC/DC song plays on the radio.

especially when a semi driven by no one trys to force me off the road.

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“Summergirlcrush” by Sunslide

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Here’s a song that makes me ponder life:

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@DominicX what a masterpiece of modern music.

There are a few songs that I’ve heard that have made me stop doing whatever I was doing until I’d listened the whole way through. Beethoven, Gershwin, Depeche Mode, NIN have all had that effect on me. Sometimes I will encounter a song that will affect my mood for the entire day. That’s powerful.

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@DominicX : That was deep, man.

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@cprevite I do this all the time too. Glad to know there’s another out there!

Thanks everyone for all the answers! Now I’ve gotta go download some of these tunes….
note to self: not DominicX’s link…

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Passenger Seat by Deathcab for Cutie
and Such great heights by The Postal Service
Ben is a genius and anytime i am driving or just laying in bed time feels like is has stopped and my life seems profound and unrealistic

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dude there are so many songs where it (this is probably different) but its like you are not in this world, it is like a different dimension or something and it completely takes over my whole mind kinda thing… ahh i cant explain but you know it is amazing =)
some of these are
hollow life by korn
you know you’re right by nirvana
falling away from me by korn
and a load more but i dont want to go on…
i dont want to sound strange but listening to such amazing stuff is like a different universe or something and it highlights society on earth and maybe like how primitive and empty human kind is… (sounds stupid but it must be something/some emotion thats triggered in your brain) dont know everything just feels different… like it is being on a different level
anyway i love music its the best thing, sorry if im being a freak again =)

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june on the west coast makes me feel so good about life (lyrics here).

maybe it doesn’t have the same effect on everyone, but i listened to it every single morning before class since the first time i heard it, and it had me in a wonderful mood for as long as i could keep it in my head.

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