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Have you ever had someone teach you something you never expected?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12903points) June 21st, 2009

My job entails me to speak with agricultural equipment dealers/truck drivers on the phone, to put their information into the computer system so they can be on the Will Call list to pick up their combines on the following morning. I usually speak to about 20 people a night, and while many of them are from the Midwest, some of them are from out of the way places like much of Canada. I try to make our conversations enjoyable by having fun with them and kidding around and stuff. Just to make their day a little better, since most have been driving for many hours.

Last week a Canadian driver taught me how to say a very foul curse in Arabic. We were talking about languages and he offered it up. It is very foul and nasty and involves someone’s mother in Hell performing oral sex. I’ll probably never use it, but it is an interesting thing to know. My question is: Have you ever learned something outrageous and unexpected from someone just in idle conversation?

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Many times. Almost everyday I learn a number of new things – often from the most unexpected sources. Not often curse words though, I have inquire about them.

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When I was stationed in South Korea in the Army as a military policeman, I used to work alongside South Korean nationals employed as gate guards at our installation. We would have long hours of inactivity sometimes and they would teach me some mildly offensive curse words but one day they taught me a phrase that was completely over the top and would come across as very offensive to anyone it was told to, I would imagine. The translation is “F**k you, you S.O.B. Your mother has a hairless dog dick.”

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I constantly learn new things from various people all the time. Today I learned something new about marinades from the meat guy at the grocery store, and something new about M&Ms from the lady behind me in the check out line. In fact, I learned several new things on Fluther today, which matches up with my personal motto, to learn one new thing before lunch every day.

BTW, I don’t know any Arabic curses but I do know several Farsi curses and a couple of Japanese ones, too.

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All the time. I can’t think of any specific examples of course right now, but it seems like I’m always finding interesting tid-bits in unexpected places.

Edit: I thought of something! My aunt sent this to me, which was weird altogether because we aren’t close and rarely communicate. Cool tip, plus the adorable Dawn Wells. Clicketty

@Darwin : That’s a very good motto to have.

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Yup some of you guys taught me how to tongue kiss

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It is said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

So Evelyn, you must have been ripe to learn those words. Use them wisely and only teach them to others who are also ready.

And to answer your question, I work with Aboriginal people who practice a culture that is thousands of years old, so yep seems as if I am always learning something new. Keeps life interesting that’s for sure.

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@ubersiren – Well, I find it helpful, especially on those days when everything else seems to be turning into dross.

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Once, a friend taught me how to say “Canadian Sea Turtle bacon” in sign language, and I’ve been teaching it to people ever since. Those are the only words that I know in sign language.

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Just now. @La_chica_gomela just informed me that there is such a thing as Canadian Sea Turtle bacon. awesome! that’s why I lurve fluther

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@ubersiren That was cool! I learn new things from Fluther and my children all the time. I guess that means it’s not unexpected though, huh?

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I know how to say window in Amslan. Also good morning and I love you.

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I know how to say ‘ketchup’ in sign language. Why? I have no idea.

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I know how to sign bad words

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i know how to say “bitch monster” in sign language.

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yep, often right here on Fluther

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