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What type of broth should I make?

Asked by Blondesjon (33984points) June 21st, 2009

I have a lot of water.

What should I simmer in it?

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eye of newt and heart of bat.

or eye of bat and heart of newt.

anything that goes well with children.

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Do it Gargamel style and make it with Smurfs.

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Hahaha… do you usually have a water shortage? (this is my initial reaction)

(...but it will be followed with a reply such as-)
ubersiren, you dumbass. Everyone knows I live in fill in the blank with name of destitute African villiage.

Also, I love chicken and vegetable broth, adequately salted.

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@buster . . .Cool…but smurfs get so chewy when you boil them.

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Onions, carrots, barley. Some form of meat.

It is cold here, winter, and I have some Pea and ham soup simmering away for this evening. I use one of those Crock Pots before I go out in the morning. House smells great when you come home.

It can be any type of meat – chicken beef, bacon. Just something to add flavour.

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What kind of meat? Or am I missing the point?

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@casheroo . . .whatever you like.

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Anything with bones or shells, onions, whole peppercorns, whatever herbs float your boat, thyme works with everything.
Carrots or a cinnamon stick for a hint of sweetness.

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Are you hoarding water?

Vegetable Broth! I keep some in my freezer at all times, and if I need to change it to a meat broth, it’s super easy to do. It’s the base of many good soups, good to boil rice in (especially something like brown rice) and great just to add some noodles to, at the last minute. Also, if you need a quick sauce, it can come in pretty darn handy!

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Fish broth to be used to make the Lobster Bisque you’re gonna make when I come over for dinner.

I’ll bring the warm, crusty bread.

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@cprevite . . .If you can handle room temperature, softened, real butter on that bread, then come on over.

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@Blondesjon: If you’re bringing out the real butter, I’ll have the wife whip up some Sangria ta boot.

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Make distilled water. You don’t need any other ingredients and it’s quite tasty cold.

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Hey @cpreviteI was going to say fish broth, but I think he should use it to make a really good and garlicky cioppino.

You can still bring the bread, though.

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@Darwin . . .The cioppino will have to wait until my tomatoes are ready.

In the meantime, where in the hell is that sangria?

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@Blondesjon – Then how about some equally garlicky but non-tomatoed bouillabaisse?

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@Darwin . . .Hell, sangria and good conversation with some very interesting individuals, I’ll let the tomatoes slide.

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@Blondesjon – I don’t have any sangria, but I have a decent Cab Sav. I can bring that if you provide the broth.

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@Darwin . . .For you, I will provide the broth and blow the dust from our wine glasses.

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@Blondesjon – Hot damn! You mean I don’t have to bring my jelly jars?

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@Darwin . . .If you haven’t figured anything else out about me you should know that I would actually prefer the jelly jars.

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@Blondesjon – Actually I like the jelly jars because a) I liked the jelly that was in them, b) they hold more than the wine glasses do, and c) they tend to bounce when you get drunk enough to drop them.

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@Darwin . . .the only downside to c is that they are very effective projectiles when my spouse gets drunk enough to start throwing them.

I can have that effect on people.

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Tee Hee

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Well, you obviously have water and heat. Screw the broth. Let’s get a “huge” barrel or better yet a storage tank and convert into a hot-tub. OK fellow jellies….the party is in Illinois and I’m hosting the bar (no glass containers in the hot tub). Swim suit optional. @Blondesjon…put the kids to bed.

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No glass containers?! Wine in plastic or paper just doesn’t taste the same.

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@Darwin…After we get a few in you, you won’t notice or care…wtf

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On that note, where’s the cork screw?

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@jonsblond…Hey, anything goes! you did put the kids to bed, right?

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@whatthefluther It’s 11:30 now and my five yr old will not go to sleep! Too much excitement today. grrr!

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@jonsblond….Good, the night is still young and the kids are sure to sleep in tomorrow.

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I watched this terrible video on Youtube—of an old man, dressed as a drag queen, pretending to be a hobo…—where he gave tips on how to eat cheap. So, basically. Simmer some water, and take that sweet & sour sauce you get fo’ free at Chinese restaurants. Mix it all together (you can add soy sauce, if you like), and you’ve got yourself some Chinese soup! (Or, broth in this case..)

You are fucking welcome.

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Shrimp broth. Here’s Chef Todd explaining what it is and how to make it. Ever since I saw that video, I’ve been buying shrimp with shells and freezing the shells for use in a future broth… it’ll be the base of a delicious fish soup!

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@Blondesjon, Do you have a large smooth stone? You could put that in the pot with the water to make magical stone soup, if only you could find a few vegetables or something to add to it.

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