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How can I stop my dog from barking before walking it?

Asked by Swervy (107points) June 21st, 2009

My dog is a Jack Russell X and it barks constantly before I walk it and wont stop until we are at the corner even with the lead on.

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Jack Russells need a lot of exercise. Wear him out playing fetch or chase or something like that before his walk and he won’t bark as much.

I see your other version of this question has now vanished – you shouldn’t be tying your dog up for long periods of time anyway. He is barking to tell you that he doesn’t like it. Terriers in particular get bored easily and need things to do and to be around their people.

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Eurgh… JRTs are noisy…

How about just spraying him with water every time he barks? Or will that make it worse?

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I remember wanting to muzzle ours when she was younger, but didn’t. She eventually grew out of it. They need lots of attention, and lots of training. You should not be tying up a Jack Russell. They need lots of constant human attention and contact.

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I think you should try the spray bottle. I work at a day care for dogs and it actually works pretty good on the barkers. If not, then don’t take him out until he is quiet. Condition his brain to think quiet means he gets to go outside, barking means he stays in. This will take a lot of patience and persistence and it will not be easy but it will be worth it. I don’t even put my dogs leashes on until they are sitting somewhat calmly in front of me. The moment they get too crazy, I sit down and ignore them until they calm down again. I hope you can find something that works for you. Good luck!!

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If your dog is bored, he’s going to be excitable, and that’s why he’s barking. Jack Russell terriers are very intelligent and have a lot of energy, so you’re going to need to keep him entertained and wear him out.

If the barking were misbehavior, I’d support the spray bottle approach. But the barking is not misbehavior so much as it is the only way he has to tell you that his needs are not being met—and as the dog’s owner, it’s your responsibility to see that they are met. Once you’re keeping him busy enough and getting him enough exercise, then use the spray bottle to train him out of misbehavior.

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