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What happens to large sums of money that is found by police after a drug/prostitution bust?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) June 21st, 2009 from iPhone
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I’m guessing the gov’t gets it.

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proceeds of crime go to the government

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How big are the pockets on these policemen who found the money?

I am only joking, I do realise that most police are very honest, and have a very difficult job. (I have to say that, one of my sons-in-law is a police officer and he has a computer.)

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@DarkScribe Pretty regularly sized but their dollar sign bags are huge.

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The drugs themselves they use to train officers and K9 units to identify They dispose of any excess. The money goes to the United States treasury or at least its supposed to.

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After cases are closed – which might take a long time – the funds can go to a general fund but in many cases it is used to fund the equipment and manpower used by the special interdiction teams to support their work. These funds are occasionally matched with DOJ grant funds for special projects. Second Chance, FIGHT, or any other approved community initiated crime prevention program.
Similarly, a portion of drug profits are used to fund purchases of firearms, radios, monitoring devices, and BP vests to support their activities.
99% (my number) of the officers are proud to be a part of the effort and truly strive to keep it clean. I’m sure there are bad apples.

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Around her money seized in drug busts is used to fund drug rehab programs.

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I am guessing that it goes to the government or the cop keeps it because the police are the most dis-honest people I know. I know there are cops who confiscate marijuana and then go smoke it themselves

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I can tell you the cops in Harrisburg Illinois are worst than the criminals.

Is that an oxymoron sense the cops are criminals?

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@DrBill I know that the cops are the criminals, I have dealt with them indirectly enough to know. I have also dealt with them a couple times directly, they are rude and mean. One time the cop tried to tell me how wrong it was for me to be with my SO because of our 26 yr age difference, and he was older than my SO and then he tells me ” well I can certainly understand why he wants to be with you ” right after he sits there trying to talk me out of being with him and telling me how wrong it is

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He just wanted to save you from making a mistake with an older guy, so you could make a bigger one with him.

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@DrBill LMAO so true. What he didn’t realize is that I would never ever get with a cop. lol

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God gave men a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to use one at a time

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Doughnuts, lots of Doughnuts!!

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You beat me to it!

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