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Rainy day date ideas?

Asked by ncorrao (14points) June 21st, 2009

I just started seeing this guy that I really like. We’re both college students, and we’re pretty poor, we live on Long Island in New York and it’s supposed to rain all week. Have any ideas as to what we should do?

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I like taking walks in the rain.
I’ve also ridden the Staten Island Ferry on rainy days, which i think is nice.

Museums are a great bet, especially in the City, since many are “donation basis” (The Met, for one), and you can give a buck (or less) and get lots of entertainment.

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Walk in the rain. Movie marathons of different genre (old school horror one day and old school kungfu another). Paint. Photography. Build a kids fort with stuff at home.

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Rent a couple of good movies, make some hot coco and cuddle on your sofa :-)

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Watch a movie, eat grilled cheese and tomato soup, and cuddle on the couch.

Play video games. Especially Rock Band.

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Like others have said, walk in the rain. Play in it!

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Bowling is always fun. I was trying to come up with ideas today too, and that was as far as I got. Thanks for the pillow fort suggestion, @killertofu! Also, I love your nom de plume; earlier today I was watching the episode where Skeeter gets grounded so he and Doug can’t go to the Beets show, but then they come by the Honkerburger and everyone sings Killer Tofu. Later I signed on to Fluther and saw your name, and it just about made my day :)

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Twenty questions is usually fun.

We also sometimes play a game where one of us draws something that the other one can’t see. Then they describe how to draw it to the person who can’t see what they are drawing. Then you compare the pictures afterwards.

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Sex is an indoor activity (usually). Perfectly applicable to a rainy day situation.

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You could always try to balance cups, fish, books, small children, hats, etc. (any items you may find in the home) on wooden poles.

Or fucking.
Both work.

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Make a wrestling ring..kidding. Bake food,order out and watch a chick flick ; )

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Camp inside. Pitch a tent in the living room, play nature sounds in the background and toast marshmallows over the stove. To make it interesting, rent a couple of horror movies in which people are camping.

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Have some calming chamomile tea by the window, watching the rain. Read to one another. Or better yet, take turns reading each other by communicating with facial expressions and body language. It’s pretty neat and helps the chemistry between the two of you.

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Go to a Red Box where you can get movies for a dollar. They’re usually inside a McDonald’s or supermarket.

I like @DrasticDreamer‘s idea, too! That sounds like fun. You could play a board game or tell ghost stories .

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Are you close to the south shore? Go to the beach ,for the price of the toll and a gallon of gas. The rain makes it great! It’s not crowded. The salty sea water, warm air, warm sweet rain is an unbeatable combination. Change clothes in the car. Magic.
I grew up there. Can you tell?

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Thanks everyone, for the great ideas!!

@Lupin I do live on the South Shore, actually! We went to the beach on Friday night :)

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