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Where does your Fluther nickname come from?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 21st, 2009 from iPhone

Mine is Tink1113. duh
I used to like Tinkerbell a while ago and I came up with that name and I use it for everything now.
What’s yours?

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Mine is a mixture of my first and last name…

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It’s a combination of my first name and the letter “X”, which always sounds cool, no matter what it’s with. Like “Sonic X” and “XTreme” and all that jazz…

I used to be Dansedescygnes, which was a scene from the ballet Swan Lake.

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Oh that was you?!
I didn’t know you can change your name!

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Blue is my favorite color and I used the word freedom because I equate it with America and my Bald Eagle avatar which is our national bird and a symbol that I equate with freedom.

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From the movie Excalibur. Towards the end, just before his final battle against his nephew/son Mordred, king Arthur pays a visit to his estranged wife Guenevere for some friendly chit-chat (presumably they hadn’t seen each other in some twenty odd years, so they had a bit of catching up to do). During their wrinklers reunion he says to her “I was not meant to live a man’s life, but to be the stuff of Future Memory”.

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My husband and I are partners in crime. I’m his “blond” and he’s my “Jon”.

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GA everyone

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I had a dream about the game, “Hungry Hungry Hippos” but in my dream it was called, “Hungry Hungry Hortence” and since I was looking for a screename completely un related to my actual persona, it was perfect.

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Mine is something that I’ve been using since the early 80s – way before the Web hove into view. Back when it was all Unix and CP/M. It was once a byline on a rather dubious campus publication that I wrote for.

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Johnny is my name. I don’t know why I used that screen name tho. Usually for any other website or video game screen name I use jiboo420. But I’ve already started with “Johnny” on this website, and I have my score and all, so I think I’m just gonna keep it the way it is for now.

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Mine just fits my personality and I use it everywhere I go on the internet and have done so for years.

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My nickname in real life is shrub, but the person who showed me this website calls me shrubbery instead, so that is what I chose.

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It’s really an anchorman reference, but the fact that I’m a 36 DDD was a little bit of an inspiration as well.

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That’s a whole lot of D’s. I love that many D’s. D’s are good. I love D’s period. And to have three of them, well that’s just plain awesome. Yeah. Awsome.

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Arent you a guy?

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And here I thought @shrubbery was paying homage to my favorite comedy group.

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@TitsMcGhee. Wouldn’t that actually be a lot of inspiration as well? =)

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White Noise is static noise that has the same average amplitude all over its frequency spectrum.

That’s me…. I like to have an opinion on pretty much everything and be unpredictable in it as well. I was using my first name, but since I know of only about three other people in the world with my first name, it felt a little exposed

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@peyton_farquhar, Yeah I guess it kind of is, but I was always called shrub first because of my small stature. A few people call me shrubbery inspired by monty python though.

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You guys stop harrasing @TitsMcGhee !!

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@Tink1113. Believe me, I’m not bothering her. I’m fond of her. Many of us are. She’s a great person and a righteous Jelly. :o)

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That better be it : )
I’ll be watching

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@Tink1113. lol4rl – okay. I’ve been so advised. And forewarned.

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You better be :P

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Mine’s just my last name. Boring!

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@MacBean. No it isn’t. I like it. That should count for something right?

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@Bluefreedom: Aww, thanks! That definitely counts for something. :D

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I love Resident Evil
A Tyrant is a fictional creature from the Resident Evil series. Tyrants make appearances in almost every Resident Evil game as antagonists. They are portrayed as biologically engineered super soldiers, used by the Umbrella Corporation. There are many types of tyrants as the result of several different experiments. I came up with the T-X type (Tyrant X Series) for a book I’m writing and decided to use the name.

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Rooey was one of my favorite dogs. I adopted him when he was three and his name was Buford which I did not particularly like. So I would ask him what’s your name and he would go rooooooooo. So his name became Rooey. Someone had already used that name somewhere else so I became Rooeytoo.

By the way this dog was a Bouvier, a big boy and he thought he was Kato as in the Pink Panther. He would hide behind a door or around a corner and when I went by, he would jump out and nip me and then smile. He was a character. He moved to Australia with me and caused a sensation wherever we traveled, not too many bouvs here.

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On my initial visit to fluther, my first thought was wtf? I got interested pretty quickly, decided to join and when pressed to come up with a username, again thought wtf? Whatthefluther was just an extension of that thought, so once again I thought, wtf, and decided the hell with it, let’s go with it (that would be “whatthefluther,” not “it”).

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Mine has double meaning. One, I have bearded dragons and they often pose dynamically for the camera, they’re a dynamic duo indeed. Two, I love the 60s Adam West Batman where this term was used often, hence the icon.

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i think i gave an explanation somewhere, but “eponymous” means
Eponymous \E*pon“y*mous\, a. [Gr. ?; ‘epi` upon, to + ? for ?
Relating to an eponym; giving one’s name to a tribe, people,
country, and the like.
[1913 Webster]

n : someone who rejects the established culture; advocates
extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle [syn: {hippie},
{hippy}, {flower child}]

i was going for someone who calls themselves a “hipster” or whatever. I mean, i don’t have to, because i’m 110% sexy awesome, 24/7, with or without skinny jeans.


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my first name. Kevin

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My friends and family know my usual username online is HouseMouse – my childhood nickname. When I signed up on Fluther my dad and sister were already members, I wanted to ask a question and not have them know it was me, so I signed up under the name “Supernutjob”. As soon as she read my question my sister knew it was me so since I was busted I wanted to change my name. I was allowed to change it as long as some of the original name was still in it and SuperMouse was born.

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First name, last two initials.

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Mine is an homage to my favorite book The Master and Margarita in which there is a poet who goes by the name Bezdomny, which means homeless. However, since I am a girl, I used the feminine version: Bezdomnaya.

I use this moniker for nearly everything. It also helps me find people that (a) speak Russian or (b) love the novel.

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I knit and I love frogs. I’ve used knitfrog or knitfroggy for several years because it’s never taken when I sign up for a new site.

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E ric + Ambos = eambos

I’m not creative.

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daloon = the loon, as in the nutjob, since I was recently diagnosed as crazy, and have the certificate (ok, maybe you can’t call scrips a diploma, but whatever) to prove it. Anyone who reads what I write knows this intuitively, although some people are kind, and “mistake” it for an offbeat sense of humor.

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France…. it came from France.
Actually the Dr refers to my profession (creative i know…) whereas the “C” is the first letter of a common nickname for people having my first name in my country of origin.

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My son’s name is Cash. It’s a nickname for him. I rarely call him it though, my mother calls him “Roo Roo” and he now thinks that’s her name.

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@DominicX I had no idea that was you!

My last name isn’t pronounced, so my parents always used to say it’s “like radar.” It just popped into my head when I was registering for Fluther. I use another name for everything else.

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Also not creative.

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I’m a hard-hitting, hard-drinking, tough-as-nails mercenary who can take any man in a fair fight and won’t hesitate to bust your head for a fistful of cash, but who still has a soft side under that crusty exterior. Obviously. Couldn’t you tell?
Actually, it’s because firefly is my favorite show (out of the 10 or so I’ve ever seen), and Jayne is the most entertaining character in the ensemble.

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First initial + Last name.


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@Likeradar What does it mean that your last name isn’t pronounced?

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@daloon… wow… I totally left out “like it’s spelled.” Whoops. :)

It would be way cooler if it just wasn’t pronounced at all though.

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@Likeradar like Prince and his symbol? “The flutherer formerly known as Likeradar”

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@Likeradar Yeah, I kind of like that concept. It really warps your mind. Maybe if everyone tried to think about that, they could all be as crazy as I am! ;-)

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My parents.

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I was trained as an evolutionary biologist, hence the name of the man who first published his version of the theory of evolution. He wasn’t the first one to actually come up with the idea and with evidence in its favor. However, he gets the credit by beating out Alfred Russel Wallace by publishing first on purpose.

Both were heavily influenced by the writings of Charles Lyell and Thomas Malthus, and the idea of evolution did not appear out of thin air. As Wikipedia puts it:

“Evolutionary ideas such as common descent and the transmutation of species have existed since at least the 6th century BC, when they were expounded by the Greek philosopher Anaximander.[206] Others who considered such ideas included the Greek philosopher Empedocles, the Roman philosopher-poet Lucretius, the Arab biologist Al-Jahiz,[207] the Persian philosopher Ibn Miskawayh, the Brethren of Purity,[208] and the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi.[209] As biological knowledge grew in the 18th century, evolutionary ideas were set out by a few natural philosophers including Pierre Maupertuis in 1745 and Erasmus Darwin in 1796.[210]”

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I’m lazy. I used my initials. sounds like a cat hacking up a hairball…doesn’t it?

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A teaspoon is a very small measurement of volume (I have fairly large hands and it looks funny when I hold one). At the time I was watching something on Hulu, just general theories of the universe. One of the theories described the universe at one point in “time” to be as small as a grain of sand. And my girlfriend made a point that another billion years later it would be able to fit in the depths of a teaspoon. I thought that was pretty cool to think about.

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So, @AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA, how do you pronounce your user name?

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renee backwards is eener and weiner rhymes with eener

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@Darwin: Capital letters first, then lowercase. “As Deep as a Teaspoon.”

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Well, I am a vegan… and I love peanut butter.
Pretty simple. :)

Also, it’s a bit of a joke with my friend, who actually believed I could not eat peanut butter because “butter comes from COWS!!!!!!!”

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It’s been my online name since the late 90’s it is also the name I produce music and DJ under, it also contains my name, Denver.

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@Darwin- Its not how you pronounce it, its how you view it.

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Part of first name, last initial. I wish I would have been more creative.

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@johnny: Yes, that is a lot of D’s. Throw Some D’s is like my personal theme song.

@Bluefreedom: Awwww, now I feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy :) It’s good to be appreciated and loved. Sending it right back at ya!

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@teaspoon dude – Awesome!!!

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The reason behind my nickname is a secret. A well-guarded, cherished, complicated secret that I know is impossible to guess at. You’ll all just have to keep losing sleep wondering about it. I’m absolutely certain @Tink1113 asked this question just to find out about my nickname.

OK, fine, I’m just a big Jane Austen fan. In retrospect, I feel that Mrs.Darcy would have been a better nickname. I fear that the nickname MissAusten has an innocent, prudent connotation that doesn’t really suit me. Maybe the gods of fluther will let me be Mr.Darcy’sLover????

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@MissAusten – You caught me :o

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@MissAusten I think we’ve had this discussion before. Now you do know that I am Mr. Darcy’s lover, don’t you?

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Yes, I love movies.
It’s my online name from when I set up my first email address. Filmfan was taken. I wanted an email address friends would easily associate with me.
Initially, I was booted off the ISP, because they thought filmfann looked too much like flimflam, and I was somehow scamming them.

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Bletchley Park
circa; 1940

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@janbb Didn’t we decide that you would stick with Mr. Collins? ;)

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@MissAusten !!!!! FUNNY! I can’t blame you.

Well…I’d have to say mine came from “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.” Then my mother fell in love with it..somehow…. And I was not creative enough to come up with anything at the moment I signed up, nor did I think I was going to stay around this long.
Gee thanks Mom! You’re responsible for my crappy username.

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I didn’t think I was gonna be here this long either! Now I can’t stay away

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@MissAusten How aoubt you take Colonel Brandon and I’ll keep Mr Darcy?

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aqua teen hunger force

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It’s cause I’m underground, like a wild potato. Go listen to “Private Idaho” by the B-52s.

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Bloth was the pirate captin on the cartoon The Pirates of Dark Water. I loved the show as a kid, and I had been completly dissapointed trying to watch it again shortly before finding fluther

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I wanted a nickname that reflected the exact opposite of me. Hey, it’s the virtual world.

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My parents gave me this name way back in 1943, when i was born.

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