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Which Challenges you most?

Asked by lady4life (234points) June 22nd, 2009

Which area{s} of life-work or career, finances, relationships, education, health {addictions, diet, exercise, etc} have challenged you the most?

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Relationships- I made many poor decisions as a result of low self-esteem from being abused in childhood. I had to heal my relationship with myself before I could offer unconditional love to another.

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Raising children and losing weight. However, I seem to be moderately more successful at the former than I am at the latter.

Actually, I may not be as successful in raising children as I thought because my daughter just came in to ask me what her bank balance is. Why should I know that? It’s her bank account!

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I think my biggest challenge so far has been overcoming my biological programming. This includes things like not having babies (even though my body is SCREAMING for them) and giving in to primitive temptations (having second portions of food, yelling at someone who has made me upset).

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Having biological children. I was born without a vas deferens, which is like being born with a vasectomy.

In their time, work, relationships and health have also proven to be notable challenges.

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Relationships. I just can’t commit. And often I don’t even try to. It’s a problem.

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I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me!

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relationship: grande
parenting: buono
work: mezo buono
friends: mezo mezo
family: mezo morto
finances: morto

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My biggest challenge is to stop choosing to run my life based on the programming I got between 0–19 that came from some very sad people, but that I’ve totally accepted as my own assessments, believed thoroughly and embedded into my subconscious during those years. It’s only after this long that I’m getting the emotional (as opposed to the logical) understanding that they were wrong. None of that stuff is “me”.

And learning that the changes I need to make isn’t all gonna happen like Buddha being suddenly enlightened under a bodhi tree. But if it happens that way, I’ll be fine with that! :D

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I have low vision due to a congenital eye muscle disorder. I can’t drive, read the menus at fast food restaurants, have nearly no night vision whatsoever, but to an outsider I’m just a normal person with glasses. It’s difficult because it’s not as obvious as being blind, but it causes great problems in my life.

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@hug_of_war – A child my son went to school with had a similar problem with his vision. Both boys had untold problems at that school because the principal actually stated once that she “didn’t believe in disabilities she couldn’t see.” Apparently, unless a child was in a wheelchair or carried a white cane she figured they were faking it all.

My husband and now my father both have low vision, so I can feel your pain (to quote Bill Clinton).

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I’d say my career/life path/purpose has been the most difficult for me, especially considering I do not have a career/life path/purpose. I’m in a constant state of existential crisis. I have been the most lucky in love, which I believe has become my life purpose—the love and be with my wife.

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One hundred and five degree heat.

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health. which seems to affect everything else.

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My career in the military has been one the biggest challenges in my life and for good reason. There are continual changes to my job specialty and with constant fluctuations in world events, I’m always at a point where I need to be trained in so many things due to the high probability of being deployment overseas.

My health is another significant challenge as I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2006. This was a life changing event for me so I have had to work hard to maintain a new diet, new eating habits, and find the will power (where there never used to be any) to properly control my disease.

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