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What is the best way to release your web application?

Asked by frankielaguna (256points) June 22nd, 2009

I’ve run into this issue time and time again.

I have a completed Web Application and It’s time to release it.

The first method I’ve used is just straight using FTP.

The problem I run into with this, is sometimes I’ll end up working on the live server and then moving the files back and forth, and the same I’ll work on the local copy etc.

The second method I’ve used and currently use is SVN.

I make a SVN repo and check the source out in 2 main places.

1. My development machine (where I’ll be developing and making changes etc)

2. My live server, what people actually see.’

The good thing about this is that when I want to release a new version of my site all I have to do is type, ‘svn up’ on my live server and it’s updated and with blazing speed.

But is this the best way of releasing web applications?

I’ve googled around but no one ever really talks about releasing your apps, only developing them.

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