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How do you choose your fonts?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) December 31st, 2007

I have Suitcase Fusion and about 2,000 unorganized fonts. I don’t have an hour to find a cool font to accompany a logo. How do you guys do it?

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I really go into jumping from font to font. I do have a lot to so i go first with my 10 strong fonts first and if neither of those work I go and look around typefaces in the web. It is kinda hard :S good luck.

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I would set up a mail merge file in MiscroSoft Word.

To create mass mailings, MSWord enables one to create a Master File and a Data File. The master file is a template with all the unvariable content and keywords in brackets where the variable content will be entered, such as names, address, monetary amounts, expiration dates, etc. The data file is really just a table with headings, into which the variable content is entered. When completed the two files combine and create a third file with the finished, ready to print letters/labels/whatever.

With fonts, I would create a master file with a two or four column table. My data file would have a one-column, two row table. The header of the table can read anything, but the content of the second row will change to be whatever word or phrase I am designing. Then in the master file each two column row will be customized by one font. The left hand column will mention the font name and the right hand column will show the keyword/phrase in brackets and be formatted to the font named in the left hand column.

While this is a great deal at work at first, you will only have to do this ONCE. Once you have set up both master file and data file, then you can simply open the master file whenever you need it, type a word or phrase into the merge editor, combine the two files, and there you have it! A table showing your word/phrase in every font you have available to you.

If you wish, you can further break the master file down in to separate files, one for serif fonts, once for san serif fonts, one for italics, and so on.

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I always look for inspiration and keep a mental catalog of what fonts caught my attention. If I don’t know the font, I try to remember the features of the font like its weight, serif/sans-serif/humanist, etc. Simply put, you can’t go through 2,000 fonts every time you need to pick one, but breaking them down into your own categories helps out.

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Gotham, Futura, Helvetica, Skia are some personal favorites. Stick with simple fonts. Try using variations of Serif and Sans-Serif fonts. San Serif are better used for headers and titles where Serif looks better in your body paragraphs. only way to know is by trying all variations.

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