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What are the best tourist places in Ireland (UK)?

Asked by atlantis (1862points) June 22nd, 2009

I might be visiting Ireland this summer for two weeks? What historic places, nature sites, other landmarks are unskippable. I’ve never been there before.

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If you are talking about Ireland as in “Republic of Ireland” then that’s not part of the UK. Northern Ireland however is.

I’ve never been but I hear the giants causeway is quite spectacular.

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There are a lot of great answers at this similar question.

It’s it annoying that the only time you see duplicate questions is after you’ve already asked yours?

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Theres a little town south of Cork named Kinsale. Beautiful and pictoresque. Nice hostel and a couple of cozy pubs. Well worth a visit.

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…and when in Kinsale, take the walk out to Charles’ Fort and back, visit the old custom house/French prison, take a harbour tour or drive out to Garrettstown to the beach if the weather’s for it.

Elsewhere, there’s the Sheep’s Head Way, the Ring of Kerry, The Burren, Cliffs of Moher…....and of course, Temple Bar in Dublin, if that’s more your style :)

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All of Wildflower’s suggestions plus the Dingle Peninsula, Connemora, the singing pubs in Killarney and Muckross House (Killarney is the gateway town to the Ring of Kerry.) Bunratty Castle and Folk Park near Shannon is touristy but fun. Galway City has good food and good theatre…..

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yeah Ireland is not UK,
unless you are referring to Northern Ireland

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Answering in the sense of the non-UK Ireland, the Ring of Kerry is pretty, particularly Muckross, as @janbb has pointed out—though I haven’t been to the house, there’s a lovely abbey that was being restored as I was there (it’s a ruin, but in amazing condition) and might be fully open now.

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Hate to split hairs, but as others have said, Ireland is not part of the UK.

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