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When you were around 19 did you think you would never find anyone who would love you or even fancy you?

Asked by joooon (215points) June 22nd, 2009
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At 19, I was convinced that there would only be one person for me. By 22, there had been at least two others who I was sure was “the one.”

You just never know what’s around the corner, if you keep your eyes, mind and heart open.

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Until the day I met my boyfriend that well approximates how I felt most of my life.

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welp, since that was a year ago, yes. that guy over there <<< fancies me :)

I’m more concerned with liking myself

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At 19 I settled for being treated with disrespect. In retrospect I can hardly believe the things that I thought were acceptable at the time. If it were not for that relationship I never would have had my daughter and if it were not for my daughter I may never have had the good sense to run from that relationship for my (and her) life!

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At 19 I was romance road-kill. I figured I wouldn’t find anyone I would be happy with, so I would find someone who would be happy with me. I didn’t really find my feet again for years after.

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By 19, the person I’d grown up thinking I was going to marry was already on his 2nd child and several new women. I was angry everything I’d waited for had basically turned to crap and I didn’t care if anyone wanted me or not, I was rebelling by abstinence and a vow of celibacy… didn’t last too long though :D

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At 19, I was extremely confused. I thought love was supposed to be perfect. I was wrong. And that’s when I found true love.

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At 19 I wasn’t even sure what love was. I knew how to drink like a fish and behave like a ass, but I guess that comes with the territory. :-)

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Yes, all the time. I still do.

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When I was 19 I was so lonely that people would stop me on the street and tell me it was
going to be all right in a few years. They could SEE it.

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I feel I’ve never meet anyone ever :(

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When I was 19 years old, I was in basic training for the United States Army and getting my ass handed to me by 3 different Drill Sergeants for 9 weeks. There wasn’t any time to be thinking about love or romance. It certainly would have been preferable to what I was experiencing though.

@joooon. Don’t worry, it will happen for you. It takes time but it’s worth the wait.

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Not so much for being fancied…but yes. Then I gave birth to this wonderful little boy at 19. My worries ended then and there.

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