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If you could go anywhere in the western US for 3-4 days, where would you go and what would you do there?

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) June 22nd, 2009
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Northern California.
Camping, fishing.

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Any island in Hawaii.
Just to do nothing.

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Hawaii. Surf.

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Wait, continental US or does Hawaii count? I want to go to Hawaii more.

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We can make it a party. :^>

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San Fransisco. No question for me. Most beautiful city. Great views and food. Go north for camping and surfing. South for sun. All in 4 days.

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Continental US

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I’m going with my first answer then.

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In that case, Santa Cruz.

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San Francisco

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Bay Area with friends for beach camping, surfing, roadtripping to Carmel/Montery, Santa Cruz, wine country, museum/gallery sprees and of course food goodies.

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Since I live in the South Bay, within easy driving distance of both San Francisco and Santa Cruz, those great destinations are local to me. So I would pick someplace in the Oregon or Washington coastal area and just chill with the woods and the water and some nice mountains, if there are any handy.

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Big Sur. The most beautiful, relaxing place in California. You can take a side trip to San Simeon, and see the Hearst Castle, if you like.
Yosemite and Tahoe are also wonderful.
San Francisco for a more Metro experiance.
Calistoga for a mud bath and massage is also great.

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Seattle. I’d eat, hike, geocache, visit my family, eat some more, and go to the Pike Place Market.

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Hm, probably exploring throughout Maine. I love it up there, it’s so beautiful. I’d love to go with my husband.

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San Francisco. I’d wear a flower in my hair.

Second choice would be the Grand Canyon. Yeah, it’s the biggest tourist trap ever, but I’ve always wanted to see it in real life, better than a postcard. :)

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I would visit Congressional Texas District 14, or somewhere else they directed me, to work like a dog ~ day & night, for freedom w/ Dr. Ron Paul & his CampaignForLiberty.

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Somewhere in Cali

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I live in far Northern California and frequent San Francisco, so those are out of the question.

Would probably be Portland or Seattle for me. Just the types of places where it’s impossible to get bored.

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If I felt like enjoying the great outdoors, there are few places as beautiful and majestic as the Columbia River Gorge. If I felt like spending time in an urban setting I would go to San Francisco. It’s unique among American cities. Everyone should go there at least once. Though I really would probably just go to Portland, OR if I went west for a few days. I used to live there and I have friends I’d like to see.

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The Oregon coast. Relax.

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String Lake in the Grand Tetons, gloriously clear water.

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lol…that is like the exact opposite of where the targeted place is. I think you have your compass backwards. :P

I would definitely say do something in California, because let’s face it, that’s the most interesting state in the West. But I suppose that would be if I were recommending it to someone who’s never been to the West; I don’t think that’s what this question is asking. As for me, that’s where I live, so I personally would go to Seattle, Washington. I’ve only ever passed through Seattle and I’ve never spent any time there. I want to see it and explore it. As for what I would do, I’m not sure, I’d wait and see what there is to do there. I would definitely take hella pictures.

I’ve spent plenty of time in Portland and the Oregon coast. So I think I would say Seattle.

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@laureth – I don’t think it is a trap at all. I have seen it a couple times and it never stops amazing me.

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@DominicX lol I didn’t read the entire question. Whoops!

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Ok, if Hawaii’s out then there’s some considering to do.

I live in Seattle, and I love it here. There’s a lot of hiking trails near here that I haven’t done yet, and I have yet to visit Mt. Rainier up close. But I can do that anytime, and I’m going to be in Portland for a weekend soon. I’ve been to a lot of places in southern California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico over the years I was living in Arizona.

So, given all that, I’d have to say I’d spend some time in and near San Francisco. I’ve only ever driven past it and I didn’t get to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I have a thing for bridges, and I want to walk across that one. And maybe I’d spend a part of that time in wine country. Yay, wine!

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I have fond memories of a camping trip to Coos Bay, Oregon. Crabbing, very successfully, right off the public pier. And wild blackberries everywhere. Yeah, I think I would do the Oregon coast. And maybe pop-in on @johnpowell in Portland and down a few PBRs with him.

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Portland. Oh wait, I already live here. I’m a snob for my city, it’s true… But it’s just so awesome in Oregon, I can’t help it. Snobbery aside, honestly, it’s really beautiful here. We have every climate imaginable, and Portland is the perfect size – and unique.

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I’d go to Yosemite. Fish, camp, hike, take pictures, swim, kayak, dodge bears… I love it.

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The only two western states I haven’t visited are Oregon and Montana. I would probably choose Montana. I have always wanted to visit Glacier National Park. Backcountry camping, fishing, hiking and photography would be on my list of things to do.

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I would visit the Oregon coast again. And just drive up and down Highway 101 – we stayed in a quaint little inn somewhere about half-way and I would visit that again. Each room had a different theme and the views were spectacular. I would take digital pictures from every imaginable vantage point and spend a bit more time hanging out with the locals and visiting locally-owned businesses and galleries.

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