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Whats the funniest school prank you've had at your school?

Asked by icehky06 (891points) June 22nd, 2009

It’s the end of my highschool year and my friends and I were thinking about configuring up a prank but we can’t think of any.What are some funny pranks you’ve witnessed or have done.The pranks have to be funny and no one can get hurt obviously and it can’t be illegal!

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well the only prank I’ve seen at my school was at the last assembly in the basketball court and then like all the seniors had rubber balls and threw them on to the front where the speakers were

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Okay, first I should say Yes, I did go to high school with Tom Hanks.
Tom (who was Thom back then) was on stage interviewing the senior class president (who is now an Alameda County assistant DA) Dave Stein, when one of the senior class streaked the stage.
Without missing a beat, Thom just looked at Dave and said “Why aren’t you naked too, Dave?”
The entire auditorium was in chaos the rest of the period.

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The seniors smuged vasiline or some clear thing on every freaken door!
And teepeed the big tree at the entrance of school

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Oooo and in the girls locker room everyone was wetting their pe clothes and whipping us in there. But I’ll doubt you’ll go in there

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@Tink1113 I’m gonna need video evidence of that…

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@filmfann – No way dude, Keep dreaming :)

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Haha @Tink1113 I’m a girl I’ve lived those incidents to many time’s ; )

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Oh sorry :) It hurts huh especially when your in underwear!

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Honestly no lie my gym teacher was a lesbian not that it’s a bad thing she wouldn’t care girls would be running around half nude and she’s like woohoo and she would be doing it too everyone’s like is this lady serious?

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Whoah that would be akward :)

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It was.She had a mullet too ; )

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Hehe :)
We werent allowes to have our cameras in the locker rooms either

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Many years ago Jimmy Martin Streaked through the faculty 9th grade basket ball game. Did he think they wouldn’t figure out who it was? He was the only black kid in the school (well, 1/2 black) and it was in the era of huge Afro haircuts!

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This happened a few years above me. I went to a catholic school… We had a dipped courtyard, as in, there was about 6 stairs leading down to te courtyard all around. Some guys got together and blocked off all the drains and filled the whole thing up with water and then threw some goldfish and blow up floaties…

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“liquid ass” and spill the whole bottle somewhere in the school… something that everyone wont forget

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It called ‘liquid ass” you can buy it at most magic shops, but bring many bags cause it smells out the bottle like straight poo, if you spill the whole bottle at once most people will want to puke.. just an idea, and it lasts for sometime. But i did get suspended for it..

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Some guys once jacked the headmasters back wheels up on his car and rested the axl on bricks so the back wheels were just off the ground. Apparently it took him some time to figure out why his car was going nowhere.

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Someone dismantled a VW bug and reassembled it in the hall in front of the main school office.

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Punched my principle in the face after he gave me my diploma. Is that a prank?

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@evolverevolve less of a prank and more of a 3rd degree assault, but funny as sh*t any way you look at it.

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Chickens in the Administration Building…

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damn. a kid at my school just ran across the stage in a smurf outfit, and he was suspended for the week of finals and threatened with not being able to walk at graduation. i’d be scared to do anything with power freaks like that running things.

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