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Will you vote on my threadless shirt?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) June 23rd, 2009

yeah yeah, I know I’ve used you all before. But thanks so much!
It would mean the world to me…

As it would seem, I am not allowed to bribe you with lurve, even in jest :P

Just log in, click I would buy (you don’t actually have to buy it) and click 5. Let’s see democracy in action… (Think of it as a rigged election, you know like Iran)

here is the link to threadless

and here is a link to the design

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Been there, done that, and I will buy that t-shirt (given the opportunity).

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<3 thanks Ms. McGhee! Feel free to whore me out to all your friends. (you know, fore old times sake :P)

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I went to the site, said I’d buy it and selected 5. It took me to a sign up or log-in page. Did my vote count or do I actually need to sign up to this site for my vote to count? I mean, I’m willing to help, but really don’t want to get on any more mailing lists. Either way, good luck to you…I do like the design.

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I voted, but not ‘cause you asked people to – I actually like it a lot. I would totally buy that. Anyway, like wtf, I’m not sure if my vote counted or not since I don’t have an account there. Does it make a difference?

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I want to buy one of your designs – a lot. I really like your style of drawing.


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@whatthefluther + @DrasticDreamer hmm.. yeah, I think you have to have an account :/ sorry! If it makes a difference, they never send anything if you don’t click the box for ‘yes send me the newsletter’. They would only send a notification if they shirt got printed. That’s it.

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@eambos Thanks so much! that’s really kind. Hopefully this one wins! Hah, we’ll see.

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@shockvalue….So, um, guess who is the newest member of threadless….that’s right, its wtf! I activated my account, logged in and exercised my right to vote…and I voted for the right one. Good luck to you…I really hope you win. See ya…wtf

@DrasticDreamer…It’s pretty painless, only took a couple of minutes, @shockvalue is a fluther friend and it is a nice design….

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@shockvalue: I’ll whore you out ANY DAY, sugartits. ;) Where are you living next year, btws?

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I voted for it. I liked it.

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Okay, registered and voted. :)

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aww damn voting ended :( I really like that.

heh paring knife. Genius.

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well, it lost…. but thanks so much guys!

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