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Any idea of the repercussions if I attack a site that is hosting images of protesters in Iran and asking for their identity?

Asked by jrpowell (40504points) June 23rd, 2009

I am in the United States. Say I spent a few minutes and brought the site down. Could I get in trouble?

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I don’t know, but if it is a site as you describe it to be, I would applaud you!

(Best not to get caught, though and be proud in private – by yourself, knowing that I would be proud of you if I knew.)

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I imagine they would certainly have your IP address unless you used a proxy. But even then, with the number of people who will be DDOSing such sites, I’m not sure if they’ll actually take aim at punishing people. It’s a non-zero chance of you getting in trouble, but that risk is made even smaller by using a proxy so that they have a different IP address than your actual one in their hands.

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Looks like my IP was banned. But it was down for a few hours.

Keep in mind this was a site that posted pictures of protesters asking for their names so they could be arrested.

It seemed like a case of good hacking.

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i would recommend the LOIC – Low Orbit Ion Cannon, the tool of choice for Anonymous.

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It seemed like a case of good hacking.

Agreed! Lurve to you for it.

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Bless you for doing that.

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@johnpowell, just guessing, but you might want to confirm that the U.S. doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the country hosting the server(s).

I’m really not sure about what the various laws would apply for the countries in between here & there where the physical network lines cross. You’re technically using the infrastructure for black hat work, too… and that might trip you up.

You might want to make sure your RV is in good running order.

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The majority of the servers you’re talking about seem to be US based.

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Remember the fatwah against Salman Rushdie? And all he did was write an award-winning novel.

And do you have access to a good plastic surgeon? Or the Witness Protection Program?

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Did anyone say free Wi-Fi? I could sure use a strong coffee right now….

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Out of interest, what exactly did you do? DoS? Exploit?

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Hacking is hacking, intent nor validity of the site doesn’t matter one bit.

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@richardhenry :: It is kinda like a DoS attack. But it relies on HTTP requests. It sends partial ones. It basically floods the sockets available and it can never complete them so it kills Apache. (doesn’t work on IIS) <—I find that funny.

It is actually scary how simple this is with some PERL. I brought my server down in about a minute doing it.

But the site is still down even 11 hours later. It did work for a bit but it is completely dead now.

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what goes on over there now it’s great you did that.

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