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Are you up to the challenge? Find your fluther matches.

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) June 23rd, 2009

Who do you have things in common with? Let’s discover something about our fellow flutherites. The challenge: find different flutherites who match you in the following ways:

1. username has the same number of letters as yours
2. has lived in one of the places you’ve lived
3. has field of expertise in common with you
4. has two fields of expertise in common with you
5. has one hobby or interest in common with you
6. has two hobbies or interests in common with you
7. has three hobbies or interests in common with you
8. has four hobbies or interests in common with you
9. who’s avatar google associates with you (do this search and replace my username with yours)
10. joined fluther on the same day as you

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My matches:

1. laureth
2. knitfroggy
3. dynamicduo
4. breefield
5. ben
6. omfgTALIjustIMDu
7. DrasticDreamer
8. PnL
9. Elumas
10. still looking

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I’m not up to the challenge. Too nice outside in my “bee-loud glade.” But thanks for asking.

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This is interesting. I’m gonna try it.

1. daloon
2. delirium
3. Simone_De_Beauvoir

I got bored.

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1. elumas
2. @gailcalled
3. aprilsimnel (music)
4. knitfroggy (sex, relationships)
5. Poser (writing)
6. mattbrowne (science fiction, writing)
7. lifeflame (writing, improvisation, dance)
8. Introverted_Leo (music, writing, science fiction, improvisation (= creativity?))
9. AnnieOakley’s
10. AmyClaire, truffles, ariklewis, AlaskaTundrea, tafar, PamPerdue, PeterM, Flippy, hkate

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@phoenyx Also aaronblohowiak

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1. @psyla
2. @Les
3. @casheroo
5. @Simone_De_Beauvoir
6. @veganpeanutbutter
7. @jonsblonde
8. @blondesjon
9. @evolerevovle
10. @dannyc (and might I add, his score has put me to shame…)

This is cool but it needs some tweaking to be really fun! Great idea though! GQ!

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I got no one :(
Edit:: I don’t get how to play do they have to have everything on the description list?

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1.) DominicX—you all seem to have seven or nine letters people!)
2.) eponymoushipster
5.) Ubersiren
6.) elijah
7.) not feeling up to this
8.) or this
9.) RareDenver
10.) ArizonaPancakes I had no clue our fluther was organized by join date. good to know!

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1) daloon
2) AstroChuck
3) lefteh
4) phoenyx
5) ABoyNamedBoobs03
6) TheHaight
7) uberbatman
8) dalepetrie
9) eponymoushipster
10) joeyben

Interesting. Almost all are male…

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1. tinyfaery
2. TaoSan
3. bythebay
4. jbfletcherfan
5. petethepothead
6. NaturalMineralWater
7. cak
8. fireside
9. tennesseejac
10. ? (deaddolly’s last visit was the day that I joined)

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1. wildpotato
2. osullivanbr
3–8. none, according to my profile
9. tedibear39
10. gimmedat

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tweaking ideas accepted, please provide

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daloon’s answer is a good example

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@phoenyx – The people on their list? Or how they answered it?

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@wildflower How are you? I haven’t seen you for a while.

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Fuck. I feel really stupid. I forgot how many letters are in my username, so therefore #1 is wrong.

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@dverhey I answered “daloon” at first too, then realized my mistake.

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1. eambos
2. kevbo
3. knotmyday
4. jeruba
5. sccrowell
6. gailcalled
7. macbean
8. darwin
9. girlofscience
10. oddrax

Whew, that last one was hard, unless my method was bad.

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1. asmonet
2. row4food
3. MrItty
4. I only have two listed, and I think I’m the only one with both of them.
5. loser
6. lefteh
7. delirium
8. petethepothead
9. gailcalled
10. Miss_Lys

Number 8 took me a while because the first two people I tried (augustlan and tinyfaery) both had more than four hobbies/interests in common with me, and I was going for an exact count.

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On first glance:

1. PnL
2. Cak

Will have to search at a computer vs iPhone.

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@phoenyx Ummm….I may need some time to think on this one…

somehow riddles between users and past avatars etc..? past threads.. added comments to past threads to all link in an ultimate puzzle.. a scavenger hunt, if you will… It could be done, I just don’t know if I have such creativity and time.

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