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If trying to get to know a total stranger (a female), what is the best way to go about it?

Asked by applegate (61points) June 23rd, 2009
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Much depends on the context in which you know her. Any common ground (such as school, bus route, band, and so on) is a starting point. Can you tell us more?

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tell her she’s got a purdy mouf.

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Frankly, if you are approaching a woman who doesn’t know you from Adam, you’d best be amusing and a quick thinker. You might start with an innocuous comment about the weather or wherever you are. Then a compliment about something about her.

If she seems to be a bit receptive (not giving you the cold shoulder), you might press on with a joke, or a more personal question about what she does or why she’s wherever you are. Perhaps even better would be to disclose something about yourself before you ask something of her. You’re looking for an interest in common. Once you find that, you can build on it, and get a number or a date, if that’s what you’re going for. Confidence is crucial for this approach.

If you just want to get laid, I’m told that “Wanna fuck?” usually strikes out, but occasionally gets a hit. You have to approach a lot of strange women, unless, of course, you are famous, a rock star, or really hot. Even then, you won’t get lucky every time.

Ok, that was all so this answer won’t get modded. You have to look like you’re being serious or the overzealous mods will delete the answer even though it follows the rules. The truth is that the above is all bullshit (albeit, plausible bullshit).

The real answer is skillfully using the club and the net. Club her over the head, throw the net over her, and drag her back to your cave. Works like a charm!

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03: hee hee hee, Deliverance

If you come in physical distance of her, slow down and smile, give her a few sideways glances then add a quick smile so she knows it’s definitely her you’re looking at and then smiling at because you like what you see.

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Are you a male? Many females, myself included, do not appreciate random men trying to be friends with them. It’s creepy. I’m speaking from personal experience here.

Then again, I am not proclaiming to be every woman. If you approach them and read their body language and they are receptive to talking (not looking away, no arms crossed), then start with the simple things, what hobbies do you like to do, and go from there.

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I do not recommend wit glances or other indirect means. Indirect is too easy to misunderstand.

I recommend honesty.

Say that you would like to get to know the person. Start by telling them something about yourself so they can determine you are a normal person.

Take it slow.

Suggest a one-on-one meeting, preferably mid-day and in a public place. Build from there.

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If you see this person every time or almost every time you go to this certain location, I wouldn’t go for a phone number the first time you see her. Say something to her that has nothing to do with a date. Don’t even exchange names yet. Do that the NEXT time you walk into her. And I would ask her if she’d join you for coffee. Nothing else.

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Really just talk to her, find something about her. Whether is her clothes, or coffee, or book, or computer, or even an iPod. And talk to her, dont be scared. Make a comment about the weather. @sirbailey made a good point, dont be to aggressive though. Make sure you feel it out the scenario. Dont live life with regrets. And if the conversation goes decent as her out. Go on a walk, a movie, grab a snack, a beer. Whatever you might like. Just please DO IT!

And report back. thx

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Stalk her.

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@MrGeneVan ASL? Really? Are you in a chat room?

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Timing is everything. I was in a mall last summer. It was early; the mall just opened. One of the cable channels had a set put together to interest people in new shows they had on. There was a very pretty girl there who approached me as I looked at the set and she’d ask me questions about the shows. My answers made her laugh. One thing led to another. I asked her if I could buy her coffee – she wouldn’t have to come with me, I would just get it and bring it to her since she was working. She wouldn’t hear of it. We WENT for coffee. Since I found out she was from out of town, I asked if she would like a guided tour of the city (by me). She loved the idea. The rest is history.

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Be a gentleman and set a good example. In simplest terms, treat her like a lady. The rest will take care of itself.

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ask questions and actually listen to the answer,...take up an interesting hobby and invite her along

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