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Ontario flutherites: Do you support the LCBO strike? Will you cross the picket line?

Asked by brettvdb (1192points) June 23rd, 2009
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No, I don’t support their strike. Yes, I would happily cross the picket line. I would also happily take one of their jobs. They are some of the most well compensated government agents, even if 60% of them are part time employees. Sure the “we can fire you for 90 days and rehire you” condition is strange, but I understand it’s a part of balancing their workforce when demand for alcohol ebbs and flows. Presumably the employees agreed to all of these terms, but now they want them changed? Go suck a lemon.

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@dynamicduo exactly how I feel – maybe they wouldn’t have so many casual employees if the job’s only requirements weren’t to just stock shelves and work a cash register. I PLAN to cross the picket line so that I can tell them how I feel after I get booed.

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Hey, that could be our protest motto: Boos for booze is fine with me!

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Have some lurve!

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They should be selling beer and booze at corner stores as in US and Alberta. It is simply ridiculous to have it under government control.

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@brettvdb I would really appreciate it even what is it about. Please forgive my ignorance in this matter.

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