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Why are audience members so oblivious?

Asked by Shegrin (1187points) June 23rd, 2009

If you post a thousand signs that say, “No Food or Drink Allowed Inside Auditorium,” and you stop them at the door to ask them to leave those items outside, AND an announcement is made that the rule is in place, why do the majority of people think they are being personally attacked when we don’t allow the soda bottle inside?

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Many people think they are special and rules don’t apply to them. Or they have a complex against authority.

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Because people are stupid, they think rules apply to everyone but themselves, and are very easy to be offended. No real surprises here.

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People aren’t oblivious, they’re just assholes.

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People do not read or care about rules.

Fluther often shows absolute proof of that.

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I just KNOW I won’t spill anything, or cause a mess.
I need caffeine or I’ll be asleep in 2 minutes.
Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I?
Why can’t I bring my coffee in? This is dumb. Screw them…

These are just a few of the thoughts that go through my head when I “sneak” food in to a seminar…

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Often, it has nothing to do with anything other than forcing people to pay six dollars for a .59 cent bottle of tap water.

Anyone want to buy a coin-op drinking fountain?

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Because the words aren’t followed with:
“And that means you, too! We’re sure you can go 90 minutes without putting something in your mouth!”
“And while you’re at it, set your damn phone on vibe. If you don’t know how, we’ll show you!”

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They are not oblivious. They are self-centered and spoiled, and have never realized how disturbing it is to audience and performers alike when during a performance your beer bottle tips over and rolls all the way from row ZZ to the front of the stage. True story. I was a performer when it happened.

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Because you don’t really mean it. Just like the drunk driving laws or the no killing people laws.

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because people don’t care about rules any more. rules generally need enforcement, i.e., a ticket for speeding.

people feel nobody is watching and they can get away with things. when they get caught, they lash out with all kinds of excuses and denials.

nobody wants or plans to be caught.

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No. I CHOOSE to say fuck that, I’m bringing my drink or whatever in the auditorium or wherever I’m at as long as it’s not totally inappropriate. It’s the stupid people who spill shit that ruins it for the rest of us. So yes, I will ignore the signs cause I don’t care.

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It’s because the person thinks that they won’t dump/leave the stuff so the rule doesn’t apply because they are, obviously, intelligent enough to know better. The rule only applies to people who intend on leaving the food or drink lying around. If they pick up their mess then they aren’t hurting anything.

That’s the logic I’ve heard 90% of the time at school gyms and concerts.

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@TylerM – If so, then who leaves all that stuff behind?

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@evolverevolve – I couldn’t stop laughing at your response. Good one. Good thing your mom doesn’t say fuck that as well. People with your attitude are what screw things up, not people who accidentally spill.

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@evolverevolve: You realize that that is exactly the same attitude basically everyone else has? And yet they spill. No one goes in to, like, throw their coke at the wall and drop kick their popcorn. It’s all “oh, I never, ever spill, never” that leaves the floor a sticky mess.

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Ha ha!!! Because they can!!...Naw im kidding…I really don’t know you should do something about it…If it really bugs you that much, then…

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It means you are charging way too much for a draft beer or soda.

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