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What's been your most exciting scientific discovery / tech invention of the last 10 years?

Asked by WhatEvil (342points) June 23rd, 2009

I’ve just been reading about carbon nanotube memory and controllable molecular gears and got to wondering what other amazing developments there’ve been that I might’ve missed. Ideas?

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Playstation 3

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Social networking utilities like Facebook and Twitter. They are totally useless and inane. Except for when they aren’t (see: Ashton Kutcher on Twitter vs. #iranelection). It’s just mind-bogglingly amazing that something can be so important and useful yet also so… ridiculous.

I love the internet.

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I finally discovered how to get rid of mice in my house, in my car, in my lawn, and apparently throughout most of the 20 acres of land I own. They can be recycled also.

(Milo here: I am breaking my record. This morning Gail actually got out a yardstick and measure the little mousie I left her. 1 3/4” and not enough meat on the bone to eat.

I do fear, however, that the mice community is starting to unionize.)

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Remote control-LESS electronic devices (ex., TV, VCR, etc). The device will do specific things (on, off, etc.) based on the movement of your arms. I saw it on television a few days back.

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Sequencing of the human genome, and the entire field of genomics. We can now sequence an entire organism’s genome in one day. The more we learn about our DNA, the more we realize how similar we are to most other living organisms. Moreover, the ability to rapidly sequence whole genomes is a boon to science and medicine alike. A close second would have to be DNA microarrays, though without sequence information (see above), these are useless.

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….that science and technology has dubious humanitarian value

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Wow. Yet another insightful quip from @mammal. Do elaborate, please?

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@shilolo if i were to elaborate fully, your reason for existing would flounder, but i will state this….science & technology is cruelly and surely and oh so clincally, ridding our planet of everything worth living for.

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Xbox 360 with Xbox Live or the iPhone

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@mammal OMG! I will cease to exist at the mere unveiling of your wisdom?!!!! You must be some sort of deity with endless knowledge. May I touch your eyebrow?

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Ronco pocket fisherman.

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@mammal but i love my iphone : (

honestly mammal thats a losing battle here.

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@willbrawn Do you think he @mammal realizes the irony of using the internet, and a Web2.0 site at that to espouse his anti-technology viewpoint? I doubt it.

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I would go for the DVR/TIVO system. Now you don’t have to get the video tapes out and figure out how to get the VCR to stop blinking 12:00 just so you can watch a show. I finally don’t have to listen to Billy Mays yell at me anymore!

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Scientific discoveries in neurobiology.

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