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Is it legal for a brother and sister to marry if they only became brother and sister because one was adopted into the family?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 23rd, 2009
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As far as I can see from google it is legal.

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@Lightlyseared Really?!?! Weird… I was under the impression that with a legal adoption, the law does not differentiate between biological siblings and children and adopted children and siblings.

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Only in Mississippi

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It is state by state. Most states do not allow adopted siblings to marry.

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I’ll ask my mom, sister and wife what she thinks.

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I came on fluther to ask this question haha.

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I think you have to annull or otherwise negate the adoption if that is possible (it may not be unless the adoptive parents petition the court). At least in Texas, an adopted child is legally the same as a child born to you, thus they would legally be considered siblings and ineligible to marry.

According to these folks it is illegal throughout the U.S. and in most of the world, for parties that are in a prohibited relationship such as direct descendants or siblings, including adopted (by law) relationships, to marry. Maybe Colorado and Sweden allow it, or perhaps that is apocryphal.

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If there is no blood relationship seems to me like there should be no problem, other than it’s creepy.

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As Darwin said, it’s normally illegal. As knitfroggy said, there should be no problem if they’re not biologically related, but still there is. The logic behind it is not just biological. I suppose there could be exceptions or legal loopholes, but the whole idea of adopting someone is that you make them part of your family, and in that sense a brother and siter can’t marry, even if they’re not blood related.

Incidentally, in most christian countries you’re not allowed to marry your godfather’s/godmother’s child for a similar reason. Or children who have the same godparent. This goes back to a time when a godparent played an important role in a child’s upbringing and had to adopt the child if the parents died.

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@Likeradar sorry I misread the question. I thought it was talking about step brother and sister not adoption.

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They were not siblings but wasn’t Woody Allen the father of adopted Sun Yi whom he later married?

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No, she was adopted only by his wife I think, and it was a scandal anyway (also because of the age difference). In any case, if they did get married they probably found a legal loophole to do it.

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@Jack79 Mia Farrow adopted her before she was married to Woody Allen, and he never legally adopted her, right?

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@Likeradar yes, that’s what I also seem to remember

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Soon-Yi was adopted by Mia Farrow and Farrow’s second husband, Andre Previn, so technically she was not Woody Allen’s child at all. He and Farrow went on to adopt a couple more children themselves and had one biological child, too.

The scandal was composed of several factors. The first was Soon-Yi Previn’s age as compared to Allen (22 versus 57) with the implication (unproven) that perhaps the relationship started earlier than that, the second that Allen and Previn had an affair while he was still partnered with Mia Farrow, and third, that while neither her biological nor her adoptive father, Allen still acted as a father figure for part of Soon-Yi’s childhood. In addition, Mia Farrow claimed Allan molested their jointly adopted daughter Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow. While not found to be unequivocally true, it has resulted in Allen being estranged from the three children he raised with Farrow.

The current Allens have two adopted daughters.

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Yes, I know people who have done it.

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