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How do you feel about your vote in the 2008 election now?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) June 23rd, 2009

I’m asking in a neutral Obama-esque manner.
People who voted for Obama or those who didn’t- answer away.

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Fine. Would I have voted for McCain? No. I didn’t vote for Obama in th primaries anyway, so no regrets there.

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I have no problem with my vote. Better of the two evils i put it.

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I’m with @pats04fan
I would still vote for Obama today

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Nothing has changed in my mind. Obama is facing tremendous problems with no easy solutions. He seems to be at least trying to address them, rather than putting his head in the sand. And look, today he actually gave a news conference. Can’t recall too many of those in the Bush years.

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I would have rather voted on Bush and Cheney’s jury.

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(Spell’s Obama ; )

No offense to anyone, I saw it on a car, I thought it was funny :P
Btw Obama’s a cool cat he killed a fly on tv (I hate fly’s ) haha

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I’m good. I’d cast the same vote now.

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I volunteered for him before the election. I’m pretty sure I will do the same in 2012.

I’m glad he is starting to stop trying to work with the Republicans. He tried but they are just saying “no” or offering empty ideas.

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I’d vote for him again.

He’s not doing quite as well as I had anticipated, but then again I practically anticipated him farting rainbows and coughing unicorns.

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I’d do the same again in a heartbeat.

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I’m happy about my vote still.

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My vote still stands.

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Pretty good.

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Obama all the way, I was in his corner before the Iowa Caucus, I’m in his corner now, and I think given what he has to deal with, I’m very happy with the decisions he’s made.

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Well, as has been mentioned a few times already, I am still happy with my vote. No one is perfect.

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I only voted for him because he’s attractive anyways..

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I’m a little upset with my vote because….... well, I didn’t vote. Honestly, who couldn’t have seen Obama getting into office? As much as everyone was hating on the Bush administration, the Democrats had the office handed to them. So far I’ve been happy with Obama. He seems to be a man of character and from the best I can tell, he’s not trying to sell the people on believing what he says because he himself believes in the things he says. The president seems to be expected to be a robot programed to make everyone happy and always make the best decisions. The thing is, he’s a human just like anyone else.

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Good so far….. ask this again in a year and we’ll know how he’s really doing

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I’d still vote for Obama today, but I am sooo over him. He has a lot of making up to do before I’ll vote for him again.

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I have to admit I didn’t vote. That said, I wasn’t an obama supporter. At this point, I think the rest of you not only made the better choice, but a good choice. I am very impressed by obama’s willingness to take on an aggressive and complex agenda. He sets his goals high and pursues them. In that respect, get ready for this, he and bush share a similar quality – they both stick by their guns.

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I voted for Obama. I would again.

There are things I’m not happy about, but I knew that going in. (My man was Kucinich, but he’s not going to get voted in anytime soon.) Thing is, most candidates need to compromise if they want to (1) get into office, and (2) get anything passed. If Obama was extremely liberal, he’d hand the midterms and probably the next election to the Republicans.

As others have said, he has a difficult road ahead. I don’t even know if he understands how hard! Nor do I think he has all the answers. But I do believe he’ll look at the problems from many sides and think about it and genuinely try to pick the best answer. He’s smart. And we haven’t had a president like that in several years.

Every time Obama makes a moderate decision, I remember what he said in his speech on Election night. “And all of you who didn’t vote for me, I’ll be your President, too!” :) That made me smile. Even though I voted for him, at some point, he has to represent all of America, not just 50%+1.

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I’m sorry that my vote didn’t make a difference (single votes don’t make a difference; who are we kidding? Unless you conform with everyone else and vote for one of the top 2 contenders, you’re lost in the shuffle), and I’m glad I didn’t vote for someone just because he ‘had a chance.’ I’m glad not to have been bought so easily. I’m not happy with the results of the election. I’m not happy with 99% of Obama’s decisions. I know he has a lot on his plate, but whoever inherited office would’ve faced the same challenges and I believe Obama is getting a lot of passes. To be fair, he’s also getting a lot of unwarranted criticism. I didn’t vote for McCain or Ron Paul, either.

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I’m happy with Obama and would vote for him again in a heartbeat. I am disappointed with some of his stands, particularly on gay rights and gun control. However, I voted for him knowing he wasn’t behind everything I was for, and I think he’s doing quite well with a very tough row to hoe.

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I am thrilled!

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I’m confident it was a vote well cast.

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I’m OK at the mo’. I would’ve voted for Kucinich too, but there we are. I’ll tell y’all, though, I wouldn’t want to be President for a billion dollars.

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Well I did not vote Obama at election time nor would I vote for him today.

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@gooch You just took the words right out of my mouth.

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Well, I could be happier… but overall, I still think Obama was the right choice.

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I knew the man I voted for wouldn’t win, but I am happy that my vote wasn’t one in favor of war mongering and lies, which would have happened with the two major candidates :)

btw, I voted for Nader.

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I am happy with Obama, but disappointed with some of his mistakes. I voted for him, and I am proud of that vote.

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I would have voted for Hillary, but given my choices what choice was there. I’d vote for him again.
And I’ll say again, it’s like a choice between two flavors of ice cream every year. Whatever flavor you choose, it’s still ice cream.

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@SeventhSense I’ve got the Hillary Clinton travel mug. :P

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From a stop somewhere on her campaign?

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@SeventhSense Her campaign website. I was hopelessly devoted.

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That explains the Olivia Newton John hairdo. :)
Yes she was a solid contender. She’ll be back

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I am also happy with my vote. I was ready for the Republicans to be gone, and the fact that Obama is an intelligent, well-meaning and eloquent person did not and does not hurt my impressions of him. He has one heck of a lot of huge problems to deal with and he seems to be doing the best he can to fix them instead of simply digging the US a bigger hole.

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I would like to know… where the f—- is Biden? They sure did shut him up quickly.

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@jonsblond: Wisely. But not quickly or often enough. He’s still giving the folks on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me a bunch of joke fodder. Like when Obama told everyone not to panic over swine flu and Biden turned around and said something on a talk show or whatever about how OMG you shouldn’t fly because if one person is sick it goes ALL OVER the plane and EVERYONE will catch it and THAT IS HOW DISEASE SPREADS.

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@MacBean I’ve always liked Biden but…. ;)

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I am happy with my vote.

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I think all we did was elect another “politician”. That’s it.

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Haha I did not vote, but if I did I would voted to him, and I would be happy by now as well.

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@jonsblond: I love him. He is comedy gold.

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Happy about it every. single. day. If we get good health care reform passed, which includes a public plan mind you, I’ll be ecstatic.

Obama is logical, acts on principal, is intelligent, innovative, optimistic, and forward-thinking. Immeasurably better than the corruption and self-centered administration of the last 8 years.

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Obama is comedy gold? Have you forgotten W?

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@filmfann I think they were talking about Biden.

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Hmm, I believe no matter what Obama do he can’t get stuff worse than it got to before he arrived to the white house :).

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I voted for Obama, and I’m happy I did. In fact, I haven’t been so happy with a U.S. President in decades.

Everything he has done hasn’t been perfect, but he’s accomplished much in a short period of time. He inherited such a mess that there is still a long way to go before he can be considered successful. But I am optimistic.

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@filmfann: Tay appention! @janbb got it.

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I’m exceedingly pleased with my vote. Also, the @whitehouse now tweets. In FARSI. That would never have happened with the opposition. I love our new pro-science, pro-technology administration. He’s not delivering on a few things that I was hoping for, but he’s not Santa. And he has time. It’s been, what, five months?

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I will say that one regret I have is that I didn’t vote for Obama in the California primary. If I had that vote to do over, it would have gone to Obama. But I remain happy with my vote in the general election.

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I wouldn’t vote any differently. I certainly would NEVER vote for a ticket that had Palin on it. Really, don’t get me started on her. :P

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Obama has entered the white house with many problems, he cant just solve them in a day. I have no problem with him.
Yes very much so, I wouldn’t vote for he either

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@pats04fan Welcome to Fluther! Lurve!
(him not he)

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I voted for McCain so my feelings are pretty much irrelevant at this point. Now, as far as Obama is concerned, I’m relatively pleased with how he’s been doing in office so far but he hasn’t been significantly tested yet in a completely dire world or national crisis (except for the American economic situation maybe) so I’m anxious to see how he’s going to perform under the most stressful of circumstances and conditions.

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If it’s awright with you @Bluefreedom, I’d be just fine if we skipped the “dire world or national crisis” just this once.

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@cprevite. I’m completely in agreement with you but I think that is what it might take to see what kind of mettle President Obama has. With all that is going on in Iran, North Korea, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia at the present time, there is a good chance that things will get worse before they get better. If this is the case, Obama and our government have a rocky and uncertain road ahead for many, many months to come and the entire world is going to watching us and judging us on how we act and react.

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I sort of thought we were doing both the “dire world and national crisis” what with the economic meltdown and still being stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus now dealing with Iran and Korea.

Now, locally, we are undergoing yet another financial stressor: all the small town Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealerships in our area were summarily closed down (many of which were on their fourth generation as family businesses), one of the two local naval stations is being closed, and our main helicopter group from the other naval station is being transferred. Can you say “unemployment is sky-rocketing”?

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i’m not of legal age to vote, but if i was, i would have voted for obama.
besides the fact that i did not agree with most of what mccain stood for (or didn’t stand for…), i think that acting with the immaturity most commonly seen in children is not the way to go about an election. i just felt like he was incredibly disrespectful in general throughout the entire election, and it just wasn’t called for. palin was much worse though, in every possible aspect.

though i don’t think obama is the second coming of christ, i would not be able to bring myself to vote for mccain. i would rather not vote at all than vote for the latter.

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One. Big. Ass. Mistake. America. For some reason everyone seems to be blinded by his political bullshit. He is making allies with the people who destroyed this country, not to mention thousands of lives. He has no idea what he is doing at all and is giving more money back to the people who took our money in the first place. His “mentor” and pastor is a racist. The guy is an idiot and he is only driving this country more into debt. I didnt vote for him and nothing he has done has changed my mind.

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YOU voted for Obama???

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@galileogirl – re- read @hondagirrlx‘s last sentence. Clearly another person deceived by the lies of Obama’s enemies.

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@hondagirrlx – Funny, all those same things could be said about Bush, perhaps maybe not the pastor part.

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@dalepetrie No matter how “neutral” the question, it reeks when people ask it every few weeks apropos of nothing. It becomes as meaningless as the “Does he love me?” questions and a little like somebody who is bored and completely lacking in creativity.

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@galileogirl – to some extent this is true, but as long as at least a small percentage of the people who answer the question post an answer worth reading, I’d argue that the question still has value.

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