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Fun ideas for this evening?

Asked by icehky06 (896points) June 23rd, 2009

Today was my last day of being a Freshman! Of course it’s raining out here in Massachusetts on my first summer night, there’s nothing for me and my friends to do..Errr Help!

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Well me and my friends went to the mall on our last day of school to meet strangers

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I do that too often. Actually I did that today I just relaxed in the Best Buy home theater.

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Not by myself of course

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If you mean high school then you go wait outside a gas station and ask people to buy you beer then you finally hook a fish, grab your beer, go out to the woods if you can and drink.

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Oh, if its raining try to sneak it into your house via a book bag with an “xbox” in it.

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go skinnydipping in the rain

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I like Mcbealer’s suggestion. I’ve actually gone skinnydipping in the rain.

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Don’t talk to strangers. Penguins can’t fly :)

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we only talk to strangers that look like about our age

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