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For those of you guys/gals that do Yoga: Is it REALLY that beneficial?

Asked by maria523 (32points) June 23rd, 2009

I’ve been thinking of giving yoga a try to see if it will help out my back pain at all(though I’m one of those trendy girls who wear the lululemon/TNA pants/clothes without actually having done yoga). Do you actually find it benefits you?

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Go somewhere that they really know the poses and the appropriate modifications for someone with back problems. Make sure you tell them before the class exactly what restrictions you might have.

I really enjoy yoga, it challenges me in many ways. you really have to focus to get the poses right, and afterwards you feel so strong and loose at the same time.

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Yes. It is beneficial. I highly recommend it. It puts you in a good state of mind.
Tell your instructor about your back problem.

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Beneficial for both mind and body (although I only did a couple of classes in college).

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where’s ru2bz46?! <waits for her>.

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@La_chica_gomela I’m a guy (don’t let the beaver fool ya), and here I am.

As a case study, I started yoga about a year and a half ago, and I couldn’t even touch my toes. I had back pain as well due to improper sitting habits.

I started once a week at a studio where my friend/coworker taught. She teaches a power vinyasa style similar to Rusty Wells. The first class kicked my butt, and I was barely able to move for six days. Mind you, I had never exercised in my life after high school.

I had lost 35 pounds and three inches off my waist through dietary changes more than a year before that and maintained well at 165, though I still had a “winter layer” around the middle. I kept going to her class once a week, then twice a week until about three months ago. My weight stayed the same, but my fat and muscle shifted around a bit, and I got stronger and more toned.

Almost three months ago, I started a 40-day instructor-led program based on Baron Baptiste’s book. I started doing yoga daily, then twice daily, and three times on Sundays. At the end of the program, I had lost another 14 pounds and two more inches off my waist (not to mention 53 points off my cholesterol). I have muscle tone, stamina, heat tolerance (the studio is kept in the 90’s), peace of mind, strength, better eating habits, self-confidence, and so much more – all due to yoga. In fact, my sweat tastes like water, now, and I barely need deodorant (though I still use it – I ain’t no hippie).

I’m also starting to teach lunchtime yoga at work next week. I’m filling in for my first teacher who just promoted to another department, and she asked me to step up. Is yoga beneficial? Hell yeah!

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I drag my feet but everytime I’ve been to a yoga class, it’s been great for my insomnia and my body loves the workout. What I found most helpful was a spotter or assistant to come around and help position me so my body could get a feel of where it should be in a pose.

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Yes, I think it is a good way for keep fit. I’m gonna to learn more about it.

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As part of my weekly exercise schedule I do yoga on Wednesdays. It’s tough, because it’s an hour and a half long and it’s a pain to squeeze that in on a weeknight, but I feel so much better after doing it.

I think it’s really improved my running form and overall fitness.

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I have had chronic lower back pain and learned the suitable yoga exercises from a licensed Physical Therapist. I am religious about doing the routine, which takes about 20 minutes and starts either with a hot shower or 5 minutes lying on a heating pad.

Less is sometimes more. I also add some free weights and 40 minutes on treadmill. And I watch the ways I bend, lift, carry, stand, sit and sleep (on side with a pillow between my legs).

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Just wanted to add: the type of yoga mat and mat cover/gripper you use makes a HUGE difference for comfort. ask ru2bz46 for some recommendations

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Yes, as @hungryhungryhortence syas, the right yoga mat can make all the difference, just like a good pair of running shoes. I’ve tried many mats, and the only one I’d recommend is the Manduka BlackMatPRO®. It’s the most expensive one I’ve seen, but well worth the $90 I paid. Also, if you do yoga in a heated room, or if you sweat a lot, you’ll likely want a towel to put on top. Yogitoes® towels are the way to go. They have little silicone nubs on the bottom. They’ll keep you from sliding in a pool of sweat.

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