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Anyone have a remedy for eye irritation?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) June 23rd, 2009

A little bitty bug flew into my eye. I had some sterile eye wash handy and managed to get it out but my eye is really sore. No remnants in there. Any ideas on what I can do to move on?

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god, this question made my damn eyes hurt.

Just relax. Quit thinking about it. Maybe put a warm washcloth compress on it.

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One possibility is the compress idea: Make a warm or cold compress by using a clean cloth and only boiled or purified water to wet the cloth. Place the compress on the closed eye. A warm compress typically helps to reduce discomfort, while a cold compress works well to reduce itchiness and inflammation.

Another is to head to the nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for over the counter suggestions or to find soothing eye drops. Even just artificial tears eye drops can help restore the right amounts of salt and fluid on the surface of your eye and to lubricate it.

However, if it continues to be sore tomorrow or gets worse, call your doctor, in case you accidentally scratched your cornea. They have antibiotic drops and analgesic drops that can help in that case.

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I highly recommend the ‘gel’ type of artificial tears. They’re a thicker liquid than regular eye drops, and the moisture really seems to last. Good luck!

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Don’t rub your eyes either, that will make it worse. I’m a fine one to point this out, because I’m forever digging at my eyes…

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I am always getting stuff in my eyes so I have some gel type ointment. As @augustlan says they are good, I think they sort of coat your eyeball and reduce irritation from your eyelid rubbing against it when you blink.

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Thanks! These are all great suggestions! I will do what I can.

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flush with cool water, immediately and extensively. At sites where people are required to use safety glasses, you will often find sinks with a spigot pointing upward, for applying this very treatment.

but at home it’s simpler to use some of the other excellent ideas suggested above, especially if you can find “artificial tears” with a component that is mildly anaesthetic.

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