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What are some active online networking communities for Special Ed Teachers?

Asked by brianw (5points) June 23rd, 2009

I’m trying to start a project with Special Education teachers from across the nation but don’t really know where to look online to get in touch with them. Any suggestions?

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Well, there is this one for Special Ed science teachers.

And this one.

And this one for educators in general

However, I don’t think there is one as large as Facebook or some of the Yahoo groups.

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I teach Special Education at an NPS in hayward, CA I don’t currently know of of one ( I don’t work for a district) but I know lots of teachers that would be interested in a resource like that. Most online resources I know of are for curriculum and modifaction of standards support. If you do want to start something I have a good 30–40 Special Ed teacher emails I could contact for you.

Also if you are a special ed teacher you should check out this site, its free but only for the summer and has printable materials www.uniquelearningsystem,com

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