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Does using push notification or turning it on affect battery life?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) June 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

Even though it doesn’t run in the background, does it affect you battery? I’m talking about the iPhone. (AIM just activated push along with Beejive) Would there be a difference to have it off? Thanks

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Not really only if you aren’t using it.
Even though it says it will it doesn’t make a difference

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Not much, if any.

I have actually noticed some weird stuff in 3.0. Like if I am reading a long webpage it drops to a single bar after a minute or so. And then when I use it it goes back up to full strength. This is while I sit in the same place. {anybody else experiencing this?.. Or was it always there?}

But my battery life is a lot better on 3.0

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@johnpowell ~ I have a gen. 1 and I’m waiting to upgrade to 3.0 because there are so many posts on the apple support boards by gen. 1 owners saying they’re having a lot of issues with the battery life getting stuck at 10%. Which model do you have?

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@mcbealer :: First gen iPod Touch. The battery life is a lot better for me.

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My battery life is better on my 3g. I do notice my service changing a lot more. And something is wrong with the iPod feature. It randomly turns on.

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Yes sure it will, as using the internet on mobile phone eat the battery like anything. So if you use a push service that mean each time your recieve an e-mail your mobile will connect to the internet to receive it which is battery life.

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Since I turned off the push option, my phone battery lasts a lot longer.

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When I know I’ll be away from a charger for thr day, I’ll turn off Push and Fetch. They aren’t running constantly, but still check the servers and buzz me with notifications more often than if I check manually.

I find that turning off Bluetooth and WiFi saves the most battery when I know I need to conserve.

I had an ‘OG’ iPhone from day one, and rarely ran low on juice. I just upgraded to the 3Gs and I’m annoyed because it won’t charge on the same cable that came with my car and had worked perfectly with the OG’s iPod features and charged it.

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Thanks for your responses. Also I noticed in 3.0 that the mail app randomly makes the “New Mail” noise when there isn’t any new mail. This happening to anyone else?

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News eBuddy has been released for free in the app store. With push notifications. Thought you guys should know.

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