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How do we deal with the mouse in our house non-violently?

Asked by paulc (2919points) December 31st, 2007

We’ve just discovered at least two healthly looking mice in our house. We don’t want to kill the little buggers but we’re wondering what to do once we’ve caught them (assuming we can catch them).

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Welcome to the rodents vs. man club.

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If you live in the US, you can get the humane little traps called Havaharts. You layer a cracker w peanut butter, then push it onto spring platform, peanut-butter side down (PB acts as glue and forces the mouse to tug, thereby springing the trigger and closing the doors on him/her.) Then you put the trap in the back of your car, turn the radio on loud, and drive the mouse to the Mouse Resort and Golf Course….make sure that you release him/her at least 5 miles from your house.


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PS..You are not alone. And Happy New Year.

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What if the mouse is a ninja?

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peppermint. Rodents hate peppermint, put it everywhere. The rodents will flee.

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Ninjas love peppermint. That will never work.

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@Hope704; peppermint in what form?

@damian: granted that I am pretty dense these days, but I don’t get the correlation between mice and ninjas. Plz clarify.

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