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Toilet paper: do you care?

Asked by Supacase (14543points) June 24th, 2009

Some hot debates have happened regarding toilet paper and over vs under. Most people seem to feel very strongly about this for some reason. My mother-in-law and I switch it back and forth at my house every time one of us goes in there because we have opposing views and we are both stubborn. (Plus it is my house!)

Are there any people out there who really do not care? People who will not stop to change it if it is on the “wrong” way? I have yet to meet any.

BONUS QUESTION: If you do care, is there any instance that could make you change your mind?

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I don’t really care as long as it’s there

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I am embarrassed to say that I do care. It goes OVER. I don’t want it touching the wall, plus the pattern works with over and it hangs nicely.

However, I have found two good reasons for hanging it under: kittens and babies. They like to unroll it at warp speed, which is much more difficult when it is under.

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I just want toilet paper. No snot tissue, no paper towels, just the stuff that gently wipes my ass. Is that too much to ask for?

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Though I’m a firm believer in over, under isn’t the end of the world for me. Give it a day or two and you got another chance to make it right after all.

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Over, over, over. For God’s sake, OVER!

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I’m with @dalepetrie. OVER IS THE CORRECT WAY. But if someone else puts it on the holder the wrong way, I won’t go to the trouble to change it.

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If I put on a new roll, its going over. I don’t care how anyone else does it, as long as they replace the roll they finished (do you hear that sccrowell?!?).

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Over for sure, then again if you have a problem, just stop using the toilet paper dispenser that makes you uroll it and use some kind of shelf as we do in my house. that way nobody can object to the position because it can only be one: on the flat side.

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I solved this problem once and for all be getting a free standing holder, and the user can turn it either way.

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I divorced my now ex wife because of this very thing. It’s over, in both senses!

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Wiping my arse is very important to me by the way and I defy anyone to find a better roll than Andrex buttermilk

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stops using buttermilk in my pancakes

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^^ Roblmao!!!

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My Doric blood (not really, I’m a Phoenician) means I like it over. Most Ionians seem to prefer it under though. And don’t laugh, that’s where your own aesthetic originated. Look at buildings like the national library to see what I mean.

You have every right to feel strongly about it if it’s your house. But other than that, it all ends up in the same place, all crumbled, anyway. I don’t care that much personally.

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I really don’t give a s***. Pun intended. The toilet paper roll functions almost identically either way. Don’t sweat the small stuff. This is definitely small stuff.

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It has to be over. If it’s under, the loose end rubs up against the wall, why should I have to tolerate this if the alternative of having it over thus leaving a convenient gap for grabbing is so much more beneficial?

That said, I don’t go around changing direction of my or other’s toilet paper rolls, cause it’ll resolve itself in a few days.

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I think that it’s got to be over, you have better control of the tear then.

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I prefer over, but I’m just glad it’s there when I need it.

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I really don’t care. But, my mother does and switched it when she uses the bathroom. I actually prefer not to have it on the roll, because if my son gets in there…it means toilet paper all over. sigh

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Are we talking about how the paper comes off the roll or how we wipe our butts?
If it is how we wipe our butts, some of your answers really crack me up! :-)

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You bet I care! It has to be over. We just got home from vacation last week & I’m reminded of an incident at one of the hotels we stayed at. The TP holder was located back against the back wall next to the toilet. Now what Einstein decided to put it there in the first place? There was a perfectly good & convenient place to put it on the opposite wall. And the paper was on the roller going under. Noooooooo!!! I couldn’t get it off of there to change it fast enough! I can’t stand my finger nails scraping against a wall, trying to get at the paper. UGH! It makes me shudder!

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I don’t care. AT ALL.

However, if I did care and someone came into my home and changed it, I would be seriously pissed off.

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You know this is a strange phenomenon
and I never understood it
It matters to my partner though I can not for the life of me remember which way he likes it and I totally ignore that ‘urge’ of his and put it however – he can change it himself when he finds it to hang the ‘wrong’ way and I won’t know the difference

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All I care about is if it is tough enough, and plenty enough.

I do hate having to peel the paper from a fresh roll. That is a pain in the hiney hole.

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i care—i like “over”; but i’m not going to switch it in someone else’s house, for gosh sake—that’s over the top! (so to speak<grin>)

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I don’t care about over vs. under, but I wish I could find one that doesn’t pill up and at the same time doesn’t feel like sand paper or “poke through!”

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I grew up with toilet paper always being placed on the holder going over, so I considered that normal. Then I got cats and realized the benefits of under. However, now I have children.

The bipolar one has destroyed all toilet paper holders in the house several times over (he is also hard on towel bars, doors, walls, windows, electronics and vehicles) so we settle for a roll balanced on the edge of the sink. The non-bipolar one seems to feel a need to take the paper out of the bathroom and leave it in odd spots. As a result I am happy just to have toilet paper where I can reach it when I need to.

When they leave home and the cats become too elderly to care, I will go back to over.

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It’s always over in my house. I remember when I was younger I would sometimes jokingly put it on the other way so my mom would comment before switching it back…lol…good times…

Not really a strong preference with me, but my mom seems to only like it one way. I have my own bathroom that no one else really ever uses, and I seem to only keep it one way. No reason, just habit.

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I do not care, to be honest.
However, sometimes when I’m in the toilet-paper-caring mood, I (when it’s “over”) fold the top piece together, to form a triangle..
I’ve actually considered going into the TP business, actually. Printed vs plain is my battle!

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My houskeeper does one better than the triangle thing. She twists it into a flower! So pretty it makes you not want to wipe!

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Prefer over, but really wouldn’t bother with it if it’s under =)

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Now I just wish they’d start making toilet paper holders that are big enough to accomodate the double or triple rolls…more often than not these days the roll doesn’t even go on the hanger…with a 7 year old in the house a roll doesn’t last long enough to hang once it’s small enough to fit.

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Over! Over and over. However, we have ours in a drawer in the vanity. We don’t use the holders, in fact, we don’t even have them, anymore. Between the cat and one of the dogs, it was so not worth hanging the tp, that we stuck to using the bottom drawer.

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@cak – Oh yes…the fucking CAT! We got a kitten last September….as soon as you tear open the bag, that little fucker climbs in there and shreds the rolls. For the last 6 months, every roll is 1/4 the way gone before it even gets taken out of the bag. He also likes to drink out of the toilet….dumbest cat I’ve ever had.

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I care, though I sort of chalk it up to OCD. For one, it just makes so much more sense to me to have it going over. It’s easier to find the end, easier to roll back up if it’s pulled down too much, and then there’s the whole end hanging against the wall thing. Growing up, it was always over and I’m sure this has skewed my view as to what’s right. And over definitely, definitely seems right to me.

If someone puts it on the wrong way in my house, I will change it. I have to refrain myself from changing it in other people’s houses.. I just remind myself it’s their domain and if they like it that way, I have to be conscientious and leave it be. :)

The under for cats and kids thing is an interesting point, however. None of my previous animals paid any attention to the T.P., but the current cat is a vicious paper product attacker. In our apartment, we don’t have a holder and used to set the T.P. on a convenient shelf next to the toilet. Post-cat, we’ve had to move it to the shelf above the toilet and set it on a small mirror, as she climbs onto the tank, reaches up through the shelf bars, and gets the roll down that way. We’ve also had to put the bathroom wastebasket in a really inconvenient place, high up, because she jumps in there, knocks it over, pulls out all tissues and paper, and thoughtfully leaves the shreds everywhere.

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As long as the paper is soft and absorbent I don’t care if it is over or under.

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@dalepetrie Our cat won’t try to drink out of the toilet anymore, he fell in once…that was it! :)

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It sounds like “overs” are the obsessive ones and “unders” really don’t care.

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@cak – I’d push him in, but somehow I don’t think he would be deterred…he has thus far not demonstrated an ability to learn from his mistakes. Like the time he kept launching himself against the screen on our window to get a Junebug and falling out of the windowsill. Or the fact that when he tries to beat up on one of our other cats, she whacks him upside the head repeatedly and so hard that you can hear it from across the room, yet he goes ofter that cat every night. Or, get this….we can’t burn candles anymore unless we can see the candle because one time he kept trying to stick his face in a candle, even after he singed off all his whiskers on one side of his face. And unlike our other cats who we can let out on our deck every now and again when they’ve got spring fever, because a) either they won’t jump off, or b) if they do, they’ll go to the front door, this one will jump off then wander away and we’ve got to go out and ind him. Dumbest…cat…ever.

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@jbfletcherfan I thought it was my OCD that makes me do that. Even though I don’t use the paper provided at the hotels, I still have a compulsion to turn it the ‘right’ way that cannot be denied.

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I am an over the top believer. I am irked if someone puts it on the roll at my house “upside down”. Sometimes I’ll change it and others I won’t.
If I visit someone, I would never presume to flip theirs in their own home. However, if the roll runs out, by habit I will reload “my way”.
This is not a earth stopping issue for me, though.

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I like my TP going over because it is easier to grab and rip of the appropriate amount. Also, I can be a little OC about certain things and that happens to be one of them. I won’t change the direction at someone’s house, but it does frustrate me if it’s under.

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@YARNLADY After I did that, it made me wonder if housekeeping noticed, LOL. (As if I care!)

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The toilet paper end must always roll over the top. If it is under, you have to go looking for the end of the roll and no one should ever have to work that hard while sitting on the porcelain throne. It’s the principal of the matter that counts.

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I really, really, really… don’t care.

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@DrasticDreamer : congrats on having achieved a Zen-master level of serenity! i will think of you as a good example next time i am fretting (which will no doubt be some time soon<grin>).

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Over the top! Neither of my cats have ever noticed the TP, nor the dogs. I still wouldn’t put it down the back or set it on the counter. I would just keep the door closed. As for my kids, they were told no and that was the end of that. I don’t mess around.

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@elijah : if you retain your fetching current ID-pic, yet maintain that announced sternness, you’re going to disappoint a lot of guys who will talk themselves hopefully into believing that you might be induced to “mess around”, so i appreciate the warning!<grin>

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over! it’s just hardly a debatable issue to me. on the odd occasion that whoever replaced the roll has it going the wrong other way, and i attempt to pull it from under, i usually take way more than i intended to, and it just ruins the quick and fluid motion.
eek. i think i may have inherited my mother’s stubbornness on this issue.

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