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How can I recover a lost 'admin account' on my PC?

Asked by augustlan (47715points) June 24th, 2009

I allowed my daughter to create her own admin account on my computer, but in the process of logging out of mine she lost mine altogether. How and/or why did that happen? I’ve lost all of my documents and pictures, some games I purchased and downloaded to my desktop and all of my preferred settings. I can’t find my admin account anywhere. What steps would I take to recover it? I’m running Windows XP, if that makes a difference.

Or am I doomed?

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Have you performed a system restore , to a date before this happened ?

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No. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t even know how.

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Ok. I figured out how to do a system restore, but it didn’t work. I chose a date before she even created her account, but my admin account was still gone, hers was still there. AGH!

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Have you logged off your daughter’s account and logged in again under your original account?

Do you still have another adminstrator acccount?
Did you check your c:/documents and settings/ directory?
Did you check the bin?

You may want to look into undelete software, if you’re sure your data has been deleted. What ever you do, don’t do a drive cleanup or defragmentation. Once that is done, deleted data is far harder to undelete.

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Two methods are available:

1— Go into safe mode & try the following:
Username: administrator
password: <blank>

if that does not work, then look up for the password reset cd for windows XP. Its a bootable CD which allow you to reset the password. I would left a link, but seems moderators are over-board with my links :).

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You were likely using ‘user 500’ or ‘the’ administrator account which sometimes might not show on the welcome screen

from the welcome screen hold down ctrl-alt and double tap delete

username: administrator
password: [whatever it is]

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