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Any advice to eliminate excess sweating?

Asked by minolta (328points) June 24th, 2009

My face sweats too much at times, do you know any meds or other methods to prevent this?

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When was the last time you had blood tests? Excessive sweating can be caused by a number of things, including low blood sugar or thyroid problems. It is also caused by anxiety, by some medications – or just by being too warm. After you have ruled out medical causes, just think about cutting your hair shorter, wearing looser-fitting clothes, and improving ventilation. If you’re a desk worker, get a small fan, like this one.

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Your face? That’s…. odd. You should quite likely have a conversation with a doctor. For excessive sweating in general, I recommend Certain Dri, which I consider a miracle product. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea to apply it to your face….

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Aww… I read this as “Excess Swearing” and came expecting something completely different…

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I have the same problem, I only sweat in excess on my face, sometimes for no reason. I am a lil overweight though…

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my head sweats a lot and when i do manual labor or play sports i go through serval headbands. So is it your head sweating or your actual face? if it is your actual face… the only thing i could suggest is to get a odorless anti antiperspirant and put it on your face.. it would actually probably work. but you would probably want to get a clear one or something so people dont see it…

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