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Anyone know how to get a penpal online?

Asked by Swervy (107points) June 24th, 2009

I have trouble making friends and I am frightened of new people and I want to find someone online who I can chat to safely.

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There are tons of sites that offer penpal connections. You can use Google and type your country and “penpal” and you’ll find results. I cannot vouch for this site but this one is the first result for searching Google for “penpal” and it seems to be pretty well populated.

Regarding your safety, you will have to (and always SHOULD) take it into your own hands to make sure you are safe. Don’t do any silly things like telling them your phone number or address (unless you’re writing physical letters versus emails), don’t accept a plane ticket from them, etc. Internet safety is an easy thing to do so long as you keep your brain turned on and don’t do silly things or put yourself in risky situations :)

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You can get a penpal and do a good thing by signing up to be a penpal to a soldier who is deployed. There are several great organizations who will put you in touch with a soldier.

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