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Are there some good free iPod apps out there?

Asked by Lalalime (95points) June 24th, 2009 from iPhone

Besides Fluther, what are some good, free iPod apps. I’m not much into games but like tools and art.

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..maybe you should download a few for yourself and read the reviews? After all, they are free..?

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Try iSwap Faces
You can switch faces in your pictures and make them look totally wierd and it’s free

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Thanks Clair and Tink,

Claire, I personally found that not all the reviews are accurate – in fact, they are often not so – I mean there’s not much way that apple can regulate all reviews? In general its good but not always. And yes, I do often download and just TRY some of the free ones, then delete them if I don’t like them. I just thought some people might have some off the top of their heads. I do have several paid apps that are fantastic too.

Thanks both of you for your help and I will try the switch faces, Tink!

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You’re right about the reviews, I just thought this was a trolley type question. Sorry about that.
Ok, I actually got out my Touch so let’s see what we have here,
Balance is good to help me keep track of my expenses.
Zenbe is my favorite list maker.
Lockbox is a good secured pw holder and whatnot.
AllRecipes is by far the BEST recipe app.
iThesaurus just because I love new words.

Those are just my favs but I haven’t been to the app store in a while so I’m sure they have some new great stuff. We have about the same taste in apps so share if you find some you can’t live without!

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I love my Google app. Remote runs my itunes from my ipod to my computer. Privateer looks good – when on vacation it might allow me to surf securely on public wifi systems. Google Earth. Word Web you would like. Wattpad ROCKS! I won’t have to take a ton of novels, Wattpad is a book sharing app. Lose It is a good app for keeping track of your diet. Easy to use. Pandora tells me when apps come on sale or are free. Same with Bargain Bin and App Miner. I love the app – Leo’s show is all about tech. Have you tried the Betty Crocker app? Its also free and works OFFLINE. You might like Wikiamo ofr info. iTry is sort of Flutherish in a fun way. Cool Iris is neat. As is iSynth. Karma Art is sweet!

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Pandora’s Box. Its free and it tells you about all the apps that have just had their prices cut down to being free. I love it! I found a free full version of something I had as a lite version! theres also an app called Backgrounds. You can get all the backgrounds you want for free,

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The single most useful (and free!!) app I have lets you share info between your desktop computer(s) and your Touch:

I’d explain, but they do a better job. Let me just say that it includes a browser (Mac & Windows) clip button, an email (if you use Outlook on Windows) clip button, a desktop app (again, Mac & Windows), and an app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Anything you save, in any of those areas (and mark for sync) can be accessed from any other of those devices. I am able to save stuff from my home Mac, my work PC, my laptop PC, my iPhone, and my iPod Touch, and they all stay in sync.

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