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How long until the next iPhone comes out?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2573points) June 24th, 2009

We all know how Apple does things…how long do you think until the next iPhone comes out and what do you think it will have? I have the 3G iPhone but refuse to upgrade to 3GS because I know another one will be out in a mtter of 6 months.

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There have been three iterations of the iPhone so far. Look at when they were released, and see if you can detect a pattern.

(Hint: it’s not every six months.)

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Matter of 6 months? Nah, more like a year or so. That seems to be the pattern with Apple now. 1–1.5 years and you get a new iPhone and sometimes an upgraded iPod.

You’re right to hold off though. The 3GS isn’t much faster than the 3G when they were compared in tests. You’re not missing out especially since you can upgrade to OS 3.0 for free.

I would wait until the next iPhone which will probably have something stellar like video chat or something.

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every june. so probably june 2010.

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First iPhone (Original): June 2007
Second iPhone (3G): June 2008
Third iPhone (3G S): June 2009

Hmmm… I think I see a pattern emerging.

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Re: @qualitycontrol’s statement, ”... but refuse to upgrade to 3GS because I know another one will be out in a mtter of 6 months.”

That’s always true of technology in general and Apple in particular. If you stuck dogmatically to that philosophy, you’d never buy anything new.

The question you should be asking is if the iPhone models offered today provide you with the service, functionality, and quality that you require at a price that you can afford. If yes, well then, that’s your answer regarding the purchase.

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Slightly off topic but funny:

Yesterday I went in to the apple store yesterday to test out the 3GS. In particular I was interested in the video.

I picked up one of the sample phones and took a video of my spouse talking to an Apple rep. I then uploaded it to you tube but it did not ask for my username or password though I waited for a screen to add it. I was stunned when it said it had posted.

This morning I found the video on a guys account- he had been in the store earlier and logged on to his account on the phone and had added notes to the video “Who the F$@ is this?”

It was funny! I did drop him
a note with an apology but it made me wonder if there is a setting to require password before uploading video. I know my kids will take advantage of this.

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YouTube (and other services) typically have a checkbox on the signin page asking if you want your credentials remembered on “this computer”.

Now you know why.

For the iPhone though, the assumption is that the owner of the phone would (of course!) want his credentials saved. It doesn’t allow for the somewhat rare scenario you see in Apple stores – where all their devices are hooked up live on the internet so you can really try ‘em out.

(What other retail store does that? To me, that’s a big differentiation that Apple Stores offer. But of course, prospective buyers beware when perusing personal accounts on public computers. ;-)

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@robmandu I love having the saved info on the phone- it makes the phone an awesome tool. When I do get the G3S I will be sure my YouTube account uploads to private as default.
Do you have the G3S? I think the video is fantastic for a phone.

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Yup, new iPhones once a year in the summer. New iPods once a year in the fall (in time for xmas). Other products are more random but are generally updated once a year or year and a half. But it depends.

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It’ll be another year at least before they upgrade it, and even then you can usually upgrade and sell your older hardware and be even or very close, so if you want to upgrade now would be the time.

I’d love to get the 3GS but I’m not willing to pay Canada’s ridiculously high data fees. A hundred dollars a month for a cellphone is a joke.

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You could wait for the next one but there is always a next one coming. When it comes to electronics you are only renting technology. In most cases as soon as you purchase something it’s already obsolete.

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I think it will be a year unless a contender steps up to the plate and forces Apple to counter with an update that will keep them ahead of the competition.

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I thought the 3Gs was released not far back, are you already looking for the next one. It seems the 3Gs is more than most will need.

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