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What profession should I pick up/what would you do if you were me? (long text inside)

Asked by jazzjeppe (2598points) June 24th, 2009

After six years of being a high-school teacher I have been laid off, due to cutbacks (and incomplete degree). The darndest thing, but I don’t feel sad about it. Instead I am quite positive about my future even though I have no ideas what so ever, what to do with it. As the positive man I am, I tend not to worry so much about things – eventually everything will be alright. But, I thought I’d ask you what you would suggest for me. But of course, then you will have to know who I am and what qualifications I have. I know, it’s hard for you to get an expression of me, but for fun, if you were my life coach, what would you suggest that I should do? :)

So here goes, a short and brief CV of Jazzjeppe:

Me – 34 years old, five years at University, without a degree:

– service-minded
– humble
– good with people, kids and adults alike
– socializing
– acting
– techonology and electronics
– playing musical instruments
– leading kids and teenagers
– teaching and being a motivator
– seeing people and carying about them
– thinking in different perspectives, analyzing
– fast learner
– language (Swedish, both in writing and oraly)
– helping, aiding and giving advice, listening
– being emotional
– oragnization and structure
– planning
– dealing with conflicts
– knowing where I put things
– taking care of myself
– finishing things I have started
– I easily get bored
– I tend to have many things going on at the same time and most often ending up with more things than I can deal with.
– Emotional

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I would suggest, as always, finishing a college degree – that would open up your possibilities significantly…I would also suggest looking into the world of non-profit work and starting with, go look at their jobs tab, and search for jobs having to do with ‘children and youth’ as are of focus, fore example – there are a lot of interesting career choices out there that you may not know about but as you look more and more you will see what credentials you’d need

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Become a nurse.

edit – I perhaps should explain. This is my stock answer for What career should I choose? I became a nurse by accident, after a career in finance. It is not something I had ever considered before, nor was it something I thought I would be suited to, good at or really wanted to do before I actually did it, having seen too many medical shows on TV. However i.f you want a career where you will always be needed, where you can travel the world and be assured of getting work, where you go home everyday and know you, personally, have made a difference to somebody, then it is worth considering.

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You could pursue your acting.
Be a camp director (some of these jobs are year round with a busy summer season)
Are you religious at all? You could consider missionary work or the ministry

Something creative that gives you a good secretary. (people like you make good management potential if they have someone to keep them organized and on a schedule. Barack Obama complains that he also needs someone to keep his papers in place and keep him organized.)
Are you married? You could be a great “Manny” sort of like a male Mary Poppins!
You could work for someone like Disney Destinations and be a tour guide
There’s a few, any of them interest you?

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Also, your above list can be the beginning of a great cover letter – an important piece of your job process

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I, too, suggest finishing the degree. It will open many doors.

If you liked teaching you might consider private schools. Their requirements are often more flexible.

And as others have said, look for something that will give you a secretary who can keep you organized.

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Your local community college may have an occupational center. They usually have testing that can help you determine some occupational areas of interest to.

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Would you be able to get a state fund to complete your college degree? I think that will be a good escape for you.

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There are is certain funding for displaced workers available right now in some areas that goes with the economic stimulus package. You could into into that.

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How about something in the recreational/rehabilitation field – afterschool programs for kids, day programs for adults with special needs, etc? There was a book around called “New Careers for Teachers” some years ago, you could see if there is a new edition of it.

Finshing your degree is probably a good place to start.

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