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What brand/kind of toothbrush is the best to use?

Asked by TheTips2 (61points) June 24th, 2009

I am seeing all these advertisments about toothbrushes so i was wondering what kind i should get.

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I use a SoniCare. Best investment ever.

It may be pricey, but it’s well worth it for your dental health.

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Depends, do your gums require a soft bristle?
Are you too lazy to move your hand back and forth or do you need an electric?
Do you require Nemo or Cinderella on the handle?

Personally, any toothbrush with a soft bristle for me will do, I’m more concerned about the toothpaste! I’m so picky!

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Yeah, it depends on the person. I use this weird brand not found in stores called “Nimbus”. It was recommended to me by my dentist because it’s really soft and other toothbrushes are too harsh for me (for some reason). Now I wouldn’t even consider getting anything harder and it shows that it works well for me.

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Ditto on the SoniCare. I couldn’t get through a brushing session without giggling for a while [apparently the inside of my mouth is ticklish, who knew?], but I got used to it and my hygienist always comments that she doesn’t have much work to do when I come in for a cleaning.

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Braun oral B pro

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I agree with at @Clair an toothbrush as long as its medium in my case! I am much more fussy over toothpaste got to be minty and froth well and help whiten my teeth too! I like macleans!

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I like the Oral B Pulsar. It is a disosable battery powered toothbrush. It does a great job.

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I like the Colgate soft bristle, compact head. Hate Colgate toothpaste, though.

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Dentists and other professionals fall in two camps; Oral B automatic vs. Sonicare. Oral B doesn’t have the sonic vibrations that loosen plaque but gets great reviews for everything else. Also, some dentists say that the Sonicare rf vibrations are hooey. At any rate, get either one for a great price at a place like Costco or Sam’s club, and you’ll be covered.

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