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How many Fluther questions will be asked in 2008?

Asked by srtlhill (1314points) December 31st, 2007 from iPhone
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There were around 3,000 questions were asked in 2007.

I predict there will be 15,000 in 2008.

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25,487. Give or take.

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I think ben’s gonna be closest to the actual number.

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Okay, half way through the year. How many questions have been asked so far?

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As of July 14th, 13,054 questions have been asked in 2008.

boo ya

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@ben any thoughts on who’s going to win the Super Bowl this year?

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Unless everyone decides they don’t love Fluther anymore, I get the feeling that Erik’s prediction is gonna be way off. :)

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This is one bet I’d be happy to lose.

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