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When you go in someones MySpace page, can they see who it was?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 24th, 2009 from iPhone

Im not doing anything illegal or bad, I just need to know that because I am looking for someone. Not stalking either So can they see who has looked at their page?

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stalker! just kidding no they can’t find out

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No just like everyone else has said.

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Weeee thanks
@applesaucemanny – :P

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What about Facebook?

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Facebook? No.

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Ok wheeee
Wipes sweat from forehead

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They do have all those places that say you can see who looks at your profile, but none of them work. So yes, the answer is no for myspace and for facebook.

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But if someone has access to your cache they can see you went there.
Shhhhhh <——-The sound of cache, history and private data clearing.

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@Lupin Just cleared mine, ahem, only as a matter of… cleanliness, yeah, that’s why I just did it.

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I think the person might be too stupid to know what a cache is so I’m safe :)

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If they are savvy you could.

#1: Upload a image that you host.
#2: look at your log files for the IPs of people viewing the image.

A lot of IM programs will display the IP of someone you are chatting with.

But I doubt your average 14 year old would know how to do it.

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@johnpowell ahem, or 22 year old

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@johnpowell – Yeah I didn’t catch most of what you said ;)

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‘I’m an average 14 year old and I got all of that…

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@dverhey – Well some know more than others

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Oh of course. Just flaunting unnecessarily…

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@dverhey -Yeah I noticed :P

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Flaunting the geekdom…

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Geeks rule dude!

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No no one can find out who has visited their page.

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