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Is anyone aware of the type of voting machines used in the Iranian elections?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9189points) June 24th, 2009

Im curious to know if they use electronic voting machine. Does anyone have any links to any stories related to this?

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Paper ballots that are counted by hand.

I just read this. When I finish up with some work I will dig up a link.

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This guy says:

“It’s worth noting that Iran, unlike the US, does not use electronic voting machines which are easily tampered with. They actually have paper ballots.”

And this article in the Chicago paper refers to “almost 40 million handwritten paper ballots” in the recent Iranian election.

And the overall voting procedure is covered here, wherein it says that voters are “required to write the name of their preferred candidate on the ballot; there are no pictorial symbols, and voters are not allowed to make an “X” to indicate their choice. Since many people are unable to write, the government allows volunteers, mostly affiliated with the Basij, to be inside polling stations to help voters write the name of their preferred candidate.” The ballots are then physically counted at the polling station.

So no electronic voting machines at all (but plenty of places to tamper with the final counts).

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Yeah unlike here in the States,
They steal election the old fashioned way! ;)
none of this remotely hiding behind a screen shot!

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They use special ones that keep the American and British Business interests the fuck out of Iran.

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I also read that the “almost 40 million handwritten paper ballots” were tallied in an unreasonable amount of time.

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